Engaging With Purpose: Interview With Brian Solis

Digital Analyst Brian Solis

At a time when everyone with a smart phone and a Twitter account boasts social media genius, digital analyst Brian Solis renews our faith in the existence of intelligent discourse in that realm. Author of Engage!, a comprehensive guide for businesses vying for success in the social web, Solis offers practical advice on how to build a social media strategy and measure its effectiveness beyond the template follower-counting approaches.

Webcopyplus recently stole a few moments of his time to ask some pressing questions on the minds of most businesses trying to optimize their digital reach.

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7 Awesome Creativity Boosting Sites

Creativity Boosting Sites

No matter the industry, all creative professionals, and even the left-brained ones, need to look outside of our circles of influence for inspiration. By exploring new ideas, images, methodologies or concepts, we expand our minds and fuel our own creativity. This is how innovation happens, and how new products, business practices and ways of living help us grow as individuals and as a society.

Where do you look for creative inspiration? Here are some awesome locations around the Web where you can bask in the creativity of your fellow humans.

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27 Unconventional People to Follow on Twitter

Twitter followers - Webcopyplus Web Copywriter Blog

Twitter gives us all a killer platform to network, research, promote and brand. We strive for and eventually build powerful, meaningful, like-minded communities. But sometimes it’s helpful to shake things up and tap into different industries and views to broaden our minds. Following is a list of 27 intriguing people who can tweet new perspectives into your world.

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Study: 70% of Marketing Tweets Derive From Same Source

Webcopyplus Twitter Report

Viral Video Ingredients: Jen Aniston, Sex, Nerds and Puppies

Web Videos Will Make SEO More Important, Not Less

Video SEO

Savvy companies have increasingly been posting videos on their websites to help connect with customers. But, as video technologies continue to advance, there will be implications for web copywriters, marketers and business owners alike. To get an edge over the competition tomorrow, you need to ensure your company’s videos are ‘SEO ready’, today.

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How to Get More than 1 Million Twitter Followers Overnight

Twitter Blue Bird

You’ve seen too many of the same “get more Twitter followers” schemes: pump and dump; get on popular lists; offer gifts; or even buy followers. Too much work, and never enough reward. Here are some creative ideas from our copywriters guaranteed to help you tap into some big accounts instantly!

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Social Media Unplugged Conference: What You Missed

Social Media Unplugged

On Saturday, Jan. 29, Sidetrek Productions presented a one-day conference in Vancouver on real world social media strategies and implementation. The speaker line-up included representatives from some of the biggest players in social media in Vancouver, the country and the world.

Following is our recap of the highlights.

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Best Buy Facebook Fans Tell Justin Bieber to Buzz Off

Justin Bieber Social Media Best Buy

Best Buy will run its first Super Bowl game ad this Sunday. The spot will feature the odd pairing of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne with Justin Bieber.

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App Blocks Your Internet Connection for Just $10!

Internet Addiction

Shortly after writing about Internet addiction, a photographer reached out and told us about a service that blocks the Internet from your computer. While you might pay a small fortune to access the Internet, you can block it for just a few bucks. Sounds too good to be true, right? So we had to look into it.

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