Does Your Website Need a Makeover? Take Our Test

Website content test

Is your website still sporting the equivalent of parachute pants and neon hoop earrings? If so, it’s probably time for a website makeover. Take our test to find out for sure.

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Study: 70% of Marketing Tweets Derive From Same Source

Webcopyplus Twitter Report

Viral Video Ingredients: Jen Aniston, Sex, Nerds and Puppies

Google Algorithm Update Boosts Value of Quality Content

Black Hat SEO

The value of original, high quality web content continues to rise as Google makes new moves to decrease the visibility of low-quality websites. The search engine giant recently updated its algorithm to suppress the presence of link farms, which generate endless streams of poorly written, regurgitated articles. It’s all in a bid to cater to users who have been complaining about spammy sites appearing in top search results.

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Web Videos Will Make SEO More Important, Not Less

Video SEO

Savvy companies have increasingly been posting videos on their websites to help connect with customers. But, as video technologies continue to advance, there will be implications for web copywriters, marketers and business owners alike. To get an edge over the competition tomorrow, you need to ensure your company’s videos are ‘SEO ready’, today.

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Getting Print Coverage Through the Web

Print PR

Journalists are increasingly turning to the Web to generate story ideas, gather information and source subject matter experts. If you’ve done a good job building your brand online, that expert could be you.

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How About Some Respect, Miss Friday?


The Virtual Miss Friday website states: Professional online business services. While the site looks professional — and the services probably are, too — it fails to treat visitors with respect. Three pop-ups. Three!

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Optimizing Your Press Release

Optimizing press release photo

A great press release can go along way in terms of gaining virtually free publicity for your business, especially in an increasingly digital media environment. Learning to combine old tricks and new in your press release composition and distribution can help you leverage the power of both traditional media outlets, such as newspapers and magazines, and newer ones, such as blogs and social media networks, to get your message to your markets.

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Outdated SEO Tactic: Search Engine Submissions

Outdated SEO tactics

While it was once a requisite SEO tactic, submitting a website to search engines is no longer required. Still, several SEO companies continue to aggressively promote search engine submission services.

Search engines like Google now have the ability to quickly and easily discover and index new websites and content through links. So, to get discovered, you just need to get some links pointing to your website.

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Websites are Marketing Hubs

Someone in the printing business recently suggested to me websites are “overrated.” I was blown away. A website is not just a piece of the marketing pie; it’s the actual hub that connects all the marketing strategies and tactics, online and offline.

Regardless what business or industry you’re in, websites have evolved into the base of operations, where prospects and clients inevitably go to gain product, service, and company information.

Of course, other marketing elements play a role: postcards, e-mails, PR, commercials and much more. But these sources frequently push people to a website. Even TV commercials are trading in 1-800 numbers for website addresses.

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