Web Content & SEO: Strategies to Take You Into 2016

Web Content and SEO 2016

In the battle of rankings, website owners and developers sometimes forget that the quality of the website really drives success. How your site feels to visitors and how credible your web content is will have a huge effect on whether they linger, and more importantly, share your link with others.

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Will Google’s Latest Move Kill Your Website?

Google Panda Update Photo

That depends… does your website contain quality content? Google’s latest algorithm change, which they are calling significant compared to the ongoing subtle changes, will impact 11.8% of search queries. What kind of impact? Essentially, high-quality content will be rewarded with higher rankings, while websites with low-quality content will plummet, and in some cases, disappear from search results. Even websites containing predominantly good content can be hurt by a few bad pages. Ouch!

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Fight Fluff With Our Web Content Quiz

Web content fluff photo

Some companies post fluff on the web as a marketing strategy. We’ve all seen it: “helpful” articles written without the benefit of a decent encyclopedia by writers paid pennies per post. Until recently, Google’s preference for content-heavy sites rewarded these content farms with improved search rankings.

In February, Google took steps to downgrade the search rankings of high volume, low quality sites by making a significant adjustment to it’s algorithm. In April, Google expanded its algorithm change from just U.S. sites to all English-language sites. By some estimates, visibility of some of these sites fell as much as 94% after Google’s initial adjustment.

But fluff isn’t just limited to content farms. Could your site get caught in Google’s fluff reduction efforts? How much of your website is fluff?

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The Pros, Cons and How-Tos of FAQs

FAQs are frequently asked questions

FAQs are questions your website visitors and customers frequently ask. But sometimes you need to ask yourself: “Why do they keep asking these same questions?”

The answer could mean there are problems with your website content. What message are you not getting across? What information do people often have problems finding?

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Are You Really Gonna Search That?

Stickman tries naked snowshoeing

In this inaugural edition of Are You Really Gonna Search That?, Opticon makes a peculiar discovery while conducting keyword research for a snowmobiling company in Whistler, BC.

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Google Algorithm Update Boosts Value of Quality Content

Black Hat SEO

The value of original, high quality web content continues to rise as Google makes new moves to decrease the visibility of low-quality websites. The search engine giant recently updated its algorithm to suppress the presence of link farms, which generate endless streams of poorly written, regurgitated articles. It’s all in a bid to cater to users who have been complaining about spammy sites appearing in top search results.

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Web Videos Will Make SEO More Important, Not Less

Video SEO

Savvy companies have increasingly been posting videos on their websites to help connect with customers. But, as video technologies continue to advance, there will be implications for web copywriters, marketers and business owners alike. To get an edge over the competition tomorrow, you need to ensure your company’s videos are ‘SEO ready’, today.

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Need to Hire a Copyrighter? Are You Sure About That?

Copyrighter Copyrighters

I am a copywriter, and along with my fellow copywriters, I write copy intended to communicate the benefits of certain products and services to people who will potentially use them. My logo is not a little ‘c’ with a circle around it, and my job has nothing to do with legal rights associated with creative works.

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Features Versus Benefits

Features Versus Benefits - Benefits Sell in Web Copy

Website visitors don’t buy products or services; they invest in what the products or services will do for them.

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SEO Copywriters Face an Increasingly Competitive Field

SEO copywriters

SEO copywriters are facing an extremely competitive landscape as an increasing number of businesses are realizing the vast value of  search engine optimization.

There are now more than 14 billion Internet searches made each month, according to comScore. Moreover, Google has noted its index comprises more than 1 trillion pages.

To view for yourself just how competitive the Web is, Google a term like website design New York, NY which brings up 13.8 million search results. That’s for a website design search specifically geared toward New York, NY! Even a search surrounding a much less populated Canadian city like website design Winnipeg generates 704,000 search results.

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