SEO Copywriters Face an Increasingly Competitive Field

SEO copywriters

SEO copywriters are facing an extremely competitive landscape as an increasing number of businesses are realizing the vast value of  search engine optimization.

There are now more than 14 billion Internet searches made each month, according to comScore. Moreover, Google has noted its index comprises more than 1 trillion pages.

To view for yourself just how competitive the Web is, Google a term like website design New York, NY which brings up 13.8 million search results. That’s for a website design search specifically geared toward New York, NY! Even a search surrounding a much less populated Canadian city like website design Winnipeg generates 704,000 search results.

Going global gets even tougher. Professional web copy, for instance, produces 48.8 million competing pages.

What makes today’s SEO copywriters’ jobs even more challenging is the fact that about 70 per cent of searchers only click on the first page of results—of which many will only peer at the first few results.

Getting to the top is tougher than ever. But getting there reaps lucrative results. It can make the difference between a website that floats aimlessly in cyber space—kind of like a brochure buried in a landfill—and a website that actually generates leads and sales (even as the business owner and staff vacation or sleep!).

That’s why it’s important to lean on a team of consultants and firms that specialize in select areas of the Web. Jack-of-all-trades can no longer stay abreast of all the latest search engine algorithms, strategies and technologies.

While hiring a small team of specialists can require a larger budget, it opens up opportunities for options, creativity, results and profit.

2 responses to “SEO Copywriters Face an Increasingly Competitive Field”

  1. Jerry says:

    SEO copywriters have a tougher job, but so do designers of websites, who must create designs that stand out from so many sites on the internet.

  2. Jerry says:

    SEO copywriters don’t have more competition with SEO, businesses do.

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