Are You Really Gonna Search That?

Stickman tries naked snowshoeing

In this inaugural edition of Are You Really Gonna Search That?, Opticon makes a peculiar discovery while conducting keyword research for a snowmobiling company in Whistler, BC.

Does the idea of stripping down and engaging in snow sports excite you? You may be in luck! According to my keyword research, a market exists for naked snow sports, and one snow sport in particular is underserved in the web realm. While ‘naked snowmobiling’ has a healthy amount of competition as a search term, ‘naked snowshoeing’ has zero competition and an 81.0 score on the Keyword Effectiveness Index.

Personally, I’d choose naked snowshoeing over snowmobiling. I would fear for the safety of my bits not only in the cold, but also whilst strapped to a snowy crotch rocket hurtling through the rough trails of Whistler. This guy, however, seems to be having a swell time with it:

Are You Really Gonna Search That? Is a regular series on the Webcopyplus blog that chronicles the gems discovered while conducting keyword research and building search engine optimization strategies for our clients.

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