Target audience - web content
You know your target audience. Your inbound marketing seems to be tracking well. Why bother with buyer personas? The reasoning is similar to why you need web content writers (see what we did there?): To really optimize your content marketing.

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Typography in content marketing

You wouldn’t use Comic Sans if you expect to be taken seriously, and you heard somewhere Arial is supposed to be a “safe” choice…for some reason. Knowing how to use typography for business advantage, is partly why web designers, graphic designers and web copywriters have jobs. What is typography and why is it so important?

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Colour psychology
A content marketer, web designer and web copywriter walk into a bar; after a few rounds of shop talk, the designer asks the other two to guess the most popular colour for websites. If “blue” is your response, you’re right. A recent Wired piece cites a study identifying shades of blue as the most used colour on the Web’s 10 most popular websites.

How and how much does the psychology of colour affect consumer behaviour, and why?

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User Experience: Designing a Better World

UX Design

User experience (UX), simply put, is the relationship between people and technology. Whether you’re a designer, developer, copywriter, entrepreneur, or other creative type, you’ve got a hand in identifying and designing that relationship. You have the power to create a product, service or website that people are drawn to, find easy to use and understand quickly. And with that power comes responsibility.

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Marketing: No One Can Afford To Target Everyone

Target marketing cartoon - Webcopyplus

Businesses with limited budgets can combat large, deep-pocketed companies by targeting a niche market.

Fear not! Defining a target market doesn’t mean you’ll exclude people who don’t fit your criteria — it means investing your resources and speaking to a specific market that’s more likely to believe in your brand and buy from you.

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Is Your Website Sabotaging Your Marketing Campaigns?

Website budgets

Businesses spend time and money on everything from radio spots to social media to generate leads, but unfortunately they tend to neglect their prospects’ ultimate destination — their websites. This all-too-common oversight sabotages their marketing initiatives, sales and overall success.

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What is a Web Content Strategy?

Content strategy

What’s a web content strategy? It’s planning content creation, delivery and governance, and it’s a practice every business should employ — but few do. Taking a step back and developing the right strategy can maximize the impact and reach of your web content, and help you surpass your business goals.

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Does Your Website Need a Makeover? Take Our Test

Website content test

Is your website still sporting the equivalent of parachute pants and neon hoop earrings? If so, it’s probably time for a website makeover. Take our test to find out for sure.

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5 Reasons to Be Bossier on the Web

Web content marketing

No one liked the kid that bossed them around in school, but chances are, that bossy kid got what they wanted more often than the quiet ones.

You don’t have to be the unlikeable kind of boss to get what you want on the Web. In fact, simply asking people to complete a task can go a long way. Here are five reasons to be bossier on the Web, and how it can help get your web content, and your business, in front of more eyes.

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Secrets to Writing a Killer Product Web Page

Online shopping web copy writing

Product web pages are the “money” pages of your website. They’re where you convert lookers to buyers. If you want to maximize conversions, it’s not enough to merely cut and paste manufacturer product descriptions onto your product pages. You need to structure and write product information specifically for the web. Here are a few tips.

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