SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting services

Whether you’re a New York IT firm or a San Diego design studio, SEO copywriting services can help you tap into a new stream of leads and sales.

The fact is that 85% of all new traffic to websites arrives via search engines. And it’s no secret that Google owns close to 75 per cent of the market. Hence, if SEO copywriting services get you to rank top 10 on Google, you’ll achieve a powerful return on your investment.

On the topic of investment, website owners often ask what do SEO copywriting services cost. Some supposed ‘SEO experts’ make themselves available for as little as $150 a project, while large SEO agencies can charge tens of thousands of dollars per month.

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Playing in Google’s Sandbox

Owners of new websites often ask about the Google sandbox, a filter the search engine uses to fight spam.

Google typically indexes a new website, lists it for a few search terms and then the web pages drop from the search engine result pages for some months.

Generally, brand new websites with new domain names need about six to eight months to get top rankings on Google.

How Do You Get Out of the Google Sandbox?

While some waiting is required, you can prompt Google to speed up the process.

When you register a new domain name, create a temporary page immediately as the six- to eight-month delay appears to start with Google’s first contact with your web site. The sooner Google knows about your web site, the better.

Also, ensure you acquire some quality inbound links from other websites, and get your meta data optimized. The meta data, which comprises title, keyword and description tags, can make a big difference. In fact, this factor has helped some Webcopyplus clients attain desired rankings in as little as six weeks.

So get a page or two up as soon as you can, and take your links and keywords seriously. It can make a world of difference to your new website’s search engine rankings and online presence.

Often Overlooked SEO Tactics

Overlooked SEO tactics

In a world where telephone directories are struggling to remain relevant, you need to make sure consumers find you on the Web.

Search engine optimization is a cost-effective and far-reaching marketing, lead generation and sales tactic that reaps lucrative rewards. Yet, so many business owners miss the most basic SEO elements that can improve online presence overnight.

Two common SEO errors:

1. Making Your Website Invisible to Search Engines

Search engines index what they can see, i.e. HTML text. So ensure your web designer uses text format for your web copy. Be weary about overuse of graphics and Flash, which can hurt your search engine rankings. If you absolutely need to use graphics instead of text, use alt tags.

2. Neglecting Votes in Cyberspace

Think of the Internet as a huge democracy in cyberspace. When other relevant and credible sites point to your website, Google and friends see this as votes for you. The more votes, the more credibility you build, thus, the higher the rankings. Start requesting links from your vendors, customers, partners, associations, friends and family.

Remember, well planned, developed and implemented search engine optimized web content doesn’t require any monthly fees. And, unlike paid marketing campaigns, you aren’t stuck with fixed budgets.

As a result, organic (a.k.a. natural) SEO can provide an exceptional ROI.

Optimized Web Content: The Power of Keywords

Optimized Web Content: The Power of Keywords

Keywords are the foundation to successful web content.

Use the right ones, and your business can thrive. Use the wrong ones, and your website will reap you few rewards, if any. The trick is to ensure your web content writer or writers use the same language as your target audience.

Business executives and managers are often surprised when they find out internal lingo isn’t used by prospects and customers. “Talk shop” with consumers and you risk alienating them.

For instance, airline executives religiously use the term “reduced fares.” But that term is used in search engines less than 10 times a day — and that’s on a global scale.

Meanwhile, “cheap flights” is plugged into search engines by Internet users more than 10,000 times a day.

If you were running an airline, which search term would you want to target?

SEO Copywriting for Spiders

Search engine spider

A satisfied spider can spin you a healthy bottom line.

Search Engines send these programs, also known as robots, to ‘crawl’ and ‘index’ web sites to help determine their relevancy and ranking.

If your copywriting is not spider friendly, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful, cost-effective ways to achieve online presence: search engine optimization (SEO).

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