Outdated SEO Tactic: Search Engine Submissions

Outdated SEO tactics

While it was once a requisite SEO tactic, submitting a website to search engines is no longer required. Still, several SEO companies continue to aggressively promote search engine submission services.

Search engines like Google now have the ability to quickly and easily discover and index new websites and content through links. So, to get discovered, you just need to get some links pointing to your website.

If you can get others in the industry to link to your website, great. Think of family, friends, suppliers and associations. If you can create compelling content to entice others to link to your website, even better. One article that goes viral can create dozens or even hundreds of valuable inbound links. If you don’t have the contacts or resources, don’t worry. You can leverage the social media platform.

For instance, you can create a LinkedIn account and a link from your profile to your website. You can use the same tactic with Facebook and Twitter. Search engines crawl these sites constantly, so your website and content will be found without delay.

There’s no longer a need to pay an SEO company for search engine submission services. Put your marketing dollars to better use.

3 responses to “Outdated SEO Tactic: Search Engine Submissions”

  1. J Gill says:

    I didn’t know this. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Marc says:

    What about other search engines like Bing or Yahoo?

    • Rick Sloboda says:

      Hi, Marc — thanks for your comment.

      All major search engines, Yahoo and Bing included, have crawlers (a.k.a. bots and spiders) that are able to find websites by themselves.

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