Websites are Marketing Hubs

Someone in the printing business recently suggested to me websites are “overrated.” I was blown away. A website is not just a piece of the marketing pie; it’s the actual hub that connects all the marketing strategies and tactics, online and offline.

Regardless what business or industry you’re in, websites have evolved into the base of operations, where prospects and clients inevitably go to gain product, service, and company information.

Of course, other marketing elements play a role: postcards, e-mails, PR, commercials and much more. But these sources frequently push people to a website. Even TV commercials are trading in 1-800 numbers for website addresses.

That’s because websites can do more than inform. They can also allow online transactions, from simple enquiry requests, through change of detail processing to full-on purchases.

To be sure, when properly planned and developed, websites can become virtual ambassadors.

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