How to Get More than 1 Million Twitter Followers Overnight

Twitter Blue Bird

You’ve seen too many of the same “get more Twitter followers” schemes: pump and dump; get on popular lists; offer gifts; or even buy followers. Too much work, and never enough reward. Here are some creative ideas from our copywriters guaranteed to help you tap into some big accounts instantly!

1. Adopt Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Twitter

Seems like a nice kid, with no signs of train-wrecking yet!

2. Hook Your Mom Up With Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Twitter

Demi’s 15 years his elder.  Your mom does yoga, right?

3. Become Larry King’s 8th Wife

Larry King Twitter

Just be careful if you have a sexy, blonde younger sister.

4. Craft a Meat Handbag for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Twitter

Accessorize her controversial meat outfit, and she might welcome you into her Haus.

5. Dress Jay Leno in a Skirt and Drop Him Off at an LA Prison

Conan OBrien Twitter

Conan would surely return the favour by giving you full access to his followers.

6. Move Fox News to the Cartoon Network

Barack Obama Twitter

Obama would hand over the White House account, and maybe the VP position, too.

Did We Miss Any Get-Tweets-Quick Opportunities?

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2 responses to “How to Get More than 1 Million Twitter Followers Overnight”

  1. Peter R. says:

    7. Hack into Hootsuite.

  2. more twitter followers for free says:

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