27 Unconventional People to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter gives us all a killer platform to network, research, promote and brand. We strive for and eventually build powerful, meaningful, like-minded communities. But sometimes it’s helpful to shake things up and tap into different industries and views to broaden our minds. Following is a list of 27 intriguing people who can tweet new perspectives into your world.

Ryan Penagos



Editorial Director at Marvel.com and pop culture lover.


Amanda Palmer@amandapalmer




Pianist and self-professed freak.


Mark Bittman@bittman




Witty New York Times writer discusses food, politics and more.


Brandon Mendelson@BJMeldelson


Author of Social Media Is Bullshit.


Brent Williams@Brent007




Former drug addict, now a Cape Town Christian drug counselor.


Charlie Sheen@charliesheen



Currently unemployed, but “winning.”


Damn It's True - NY@DamnItsTrue



New Yorker shares facts applicable to your daily life.


Tara Marino@elegantfemme




Women’s lifestyle coach, based in France.


Frenchie Davis@frenchiedavis




Gay rights advocate, Broadway babe.


Camile Semes@galwithdimples




Looney punk rocker and graphic designer.






Japanese thinker.


Kelly Shibari@KellyShibari




Part-time porn star and social media consultant for the adult industry.


Lore Sjöberg@loresjoberg




“Strange writer” for Wired. Expect strange tweets.


Mary Spicuzza@MSpicuzzaWSJ




Blackbelt. Sicilian-Irish. State government reporter.


Chris Hardwick@nerdist




Comic and semi-TV star circulates funny and geeky thoughts.


Paula Poundstone@Paulapoundstone




Atheist asexual comedian.


Peter H Brown@PeterBrownPsy




Australian clinical psychologist.


Ray Kwong@raykwong




Forbes writer/dweeb offers tales from China.


Robert Pattinson@rbrtpttnsn




Homeless in London.


Rica Pera-Boni@ricaperalejo




Actress, vegetarian and Jesus follower.


Robert Scoble@Scobleizer




Animated Rackspace employee has fetish for technology.


Dr Stephen Saunders@shoppologist



Sydney shopping shrink.

Stephen Fry@stephenfry



British actor who “gets” social media.


Don L Turner@TaoMannaDon




Conservative, Vietnam vet and poet.


Chris Anderson@TEDchris




The man behind TED. Spreader of ideas.


Vijay Mallya@TheVijayMallya




Charismatic Member of Parliament, India.


Tweeting Tipsy @TweetingTipsy




They drink and tweet, so you don’t have to.


Who’s Missing?

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