Colour psychology
A content marketer, web designer and web copywriter walk into a bar; after a few rounds of shop talk, the designer asks the other two to guess the most popular colour for websites. If “blue” is your response, you’re right. A recent Wired piece cites a study identifying shades of blue as the most used colour on the Web’s 10 most popular websites.

How and how much does the psychology of colour affect consumer behaviour, and why?

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We’ve been emmersing ourselves in computers since the late 1970s, and scientists are beginning to identify and learn about the mental, physical, emotional and neurological consequences to our minds and bodies. The impact is significant.

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8 Techniques to Push Your Creative Boundaries


Creativity spawns meaningful satisfaction and value in life and work. Sadly, people habitually scurry to “what’s worked in the past” for the quickest path to limitations and boredom. Fear of failure is often the toothy gremlin that encourages us to recycle old ideas that have worked rather than risk new concepts. But repeatedly pushing your creative boundaries is like any other activity that we do again and again — over time, it becomes less scary and more rewarding.

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The Number of Syllables in Alphabet Letters

The number of syllables in Alphabet Letters by


How Important is Content to Web Design?

Content and web design

With today’s brands communicating across an endless array of online marketing vehicles and avenues, just how important is content to web design? We asked several design and marketing experts, and here’s what they had to say.

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Design vs. Content: Agency Professionals Weigh In

Content Versus Design - Webcopyplus Web Copywriter Blog

Content and design. Written communications and visual communications. When it comes to creating winning websites, which plays a more important role? Our web copywriters reached out to six experienced agency professionals from the US, Canada and England to get their take.

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Game of Death: Lessons in Life and Marketing

Marketing - Power of Authority Photo

A recent controversial documentary Game of Death reveals how TV game show participants knowingly inflicted pain and potential death on a fellow contestant in a bid to comply with authority. The shocking outcome reinforces the findings of another controversial experiment led by Yale University in the 1960s. It’s something marketers take advantage of, and consumers should be aware of.

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Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Create Rapport

NLP Marketing

Does your web copywriting alienate or embrace your target audiences? Tapping into the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) might provide you some insight and direction on what words to use in your marketing messages.

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Bad Typography Kills Good Web Content

Typography image

“Something looks funny with the web copy…it looks really bad.” That was a part of the message we recently received form a client who was reviewing a design mock-up for his soon-to-be-launched website. “We really like the copy,” they had said just a few days earlier. So they liked what it stated, just not how it looked. The culprit: typography.

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Nation Shudders at Large Block of Uninterrupted Text

Long text - US - Copywriter

Hysteria continues to grow since a news source reported Americans are collectively becoming paralyzed due to documents comprising “solid blocks of uninterrupted text.”

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