Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Create Rapport

NLP Marketing

Does your web copywriting alienate or embrace your target audiences? Tapping into the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) might provide you some insight and direction on what words to use in your marketing messages.

Creating Customer Rapport with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

One component of NLP is how to develop rapport between two communicating parties. Usually applied to non-verbal communications, NLP uses mirroring to decrease resistance when two people communicate. For example, if one person leans forward slightly, then the other person leans forward. If one person scratches his nose, then the other person might scratch her hip. Mirroring creates rapport, reduces resistance, and increases openness to the other person’s message.

Applying Mirroring to Copywriting

You can apply mirroring to written words with the same effect. In copywriting, this means matching tone and word choice to your target market. For example, compare how these companies match the words and tone of their tag lines to their target markets:

Apple: Think different

Parenting by Nature: High Standards for Conscientious Families

Diabolical Skate Shop: We are the Diabolical Skateboard Shop. All Killer, No Filler!

Each of these companies has a different target market and uses different words and tone to reach them.

Think about your company. Is your web copy creating rapport or alienating potential customers?

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