Design vs. Content: Agency Professionals Weigh In

Content Versus Design - Webcopyplus Web Copywriter Blog

Content and design. Written communications and visual communications. When it comes to creating winning websites, which plays a more important role? Our web copywriters reached out to six experienced agency professionals from the US, Canada and England to get their take.

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Common Website Mistakes That Can Kill Business

Website mistakes

Every element on your website has the ability to build — or damage — how visitors perceive you. To gain insight on how to generate confidence, earn trust, and entice visitors to reach out and invest in your offerings, we asked website professionals:

What are common website mistakes that decrease confidence, trust and sales?

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View Point: Should My Business Blog?

Blogger Blogging Blogs

Adding a blog to your website is a simple and affordable way to strengthen your connection with both current and potential clients, while improving your search engine rankings. However, many business blogs quickly become neglected and abandoned, which leaves a poor impression. So we asked successful bloggers and online marketing experts:

When should a business launch a blog, and how do you create a following?

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View Point: To Flash or Not to Flash?

Webcopyplus Web Copywriter Falsh intro article

Flash intros were once prevalent on the Web. They’re animations presented to visitors when they arrive at a website. Here’s an example. To help determine whether they’re a fad of the past, or provide website owners and visitors value, we asked web designers and developers:

Should businesses consider Flash intros for their websites?

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View Point: Choosing the Right Website Software

Points of View - Choosing Website Software- Webcopyplus

Business owners looking to launch or overhaul their websites are often overwhelmed to learn about all the different platforms available on the market. You’ve got HTML, Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, and more. So we asked five web professionals:

What factors should businesses take into consideration when deciding on a website software solution?

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