Face it, You’re Probably an Internetaholic

Internet Addictions by Webcopyplus

Do you spend more time than you need to on Facebook, Twitter, Google and any other of the two billion websites floating around the Internet? You may be suffering from a condition scientists are calling Information Deprivation Disorder.

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Steve Jobs’ New Year’s Resolutions Found?

Steve Jobs' New Years Resolutions on a Napkin

One of our favourite sources for general hilarity and Web-related weirdness, Laughingsquid, posted Steve Jobs’ New Years Resolutions on a Starbucks Napkin, courtesy of the ‘unreal Apple news’ team over at Scoopertino.  If you think this is funny, check out some of Scoopertino’s other fake Apple news pieces, like Wikileaks Releases 140,000 Emails from Steve Jobs, and Apple Kool-Aid to Go Into Mass Distribution.

I guess we’re not the only ones who like to poke a little fun at Apple’s head brat.

Best Best of 2010 Lists of 2010

Best Best of 2010 Lists of 2010 by Webcopyplus

If you’re like me, you get irritated by overused headlines. Now that we’re entering ‘Best of 2010’ season, I’ve gone into hyper-eye-roll mode.

To help you waste your Internet time wisely, I’ve decided to be your ‘Best of 2010’ list curator. Of course, all of these are based around my penchant for web content, copywriting, web design, technology and marketing, and I rebelliously chose 9 instead of 10.

Here is my collection of the Best Best of 2010 Lists of 2010.

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How NOT to Communicate on the Web

Searching for the Meaning of Life?

Searching for the meaning of life - Apple iPad, God, Jesus

How Is Social Media Affecting Web Design?

Social media design

Social media empowers consumers to be recognized by marketers as human again, their voices amplified through an expanding array of platforms in the transparent online marketplace.  Businesses are learning the value of this increasing amount of unsolicited market data, as well as the power of engaging their customers in conversation.  As a result, products and services are being tailored to customers more efficiently, and businesses are able to respond quicker to issues and concerns.

How are these changes affecting web design?  In order to fully leverage the benefits of this new relationship between business and consumer, websites must be designed with and for the ‘social Web’, affecting aesthetics, functionality, and the development process itself.

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Magazines Still Relevant, Says Magazine Ad

Internet Versus Print

5 Reasons Not to Hire a Web Designer

Professional Designer

With technological advances, and templates galore available on the Web, it’s a wonder the average person hasn’t become a web designing guru by now. You’ve got a blog, you’ve got iWeb, and you know how to copy and paste from a source page, so what more do you need, right?

Webcopyplus is here to let you in on some secrets. There’s a lot more to good web design than you might think.

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Website Users Still Have the Need for Speed

Website users speed

Website visitors are demanding fast-loading sites, just like they did in the 90s. But are they getting it? Despite faster Internet connections, users complain websites are still too slow, suggest tests conducted by usability specialist Jakob Nielsen.

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Striking Design: FIFA World Cup Calendar

FIFA World Cup Calendar

Kudos to Marca, the premiere sports news source in Spain, which designed a superb calendar for 2010 FIFA World Cup fans. Beautiful, clean and functional — the Spaniards know a thing or two about soccer and good design.

Enjoy the Marca soccer calendar here.

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