Best Best of 2010 Lists of 2010

Best Best of 2010 Lists of 2010 by Webcopyplus

If you’re like me, you get irritated by overused headlines. Now that we’re entering ‘Best of 2010’ season, I’ve gone into hyper-eye-roll mode.

To help you waste your Internet time wisely, I’ve decided to be your ‘Best of 2010’ list curator. Of course, all of these are based around my penchant for web content, copywriting, web design, technology and marketing, and I rebelliously chose 9 instead of 10.

Here is my collection of the Best Best of 2010 Lists of 2010.

1.) The Tracy Awards — or the list of the worst ads of 2010 — ‘Where all the winners are losers’, features a Courvoisier ‘You Wish’ ad that wins for ‘best use of arrogance to remind us that cognac isn’t just for rich people and douchebags, but also for rich douchebags’.

2.) Twitter’s List of the Most Retweeted Tweets of the Year, three of which unavoidably have something to do with Justin Bieber. I’m trying my best to keep the Bieber to a minimum on my list, but unfortunately it’s impossible.

3.) PC World’s 100 Best Tech Products of 2010. #nerdboner.

4.) The Best Flash Sites of 2010. Although Flash isn’t the best choice for your business website for a number of reasons, you can’t deny its superhuman capabilities. Wonder why this one didn’t make the cut.

5.) The Best Free Fonts of 2010.  I used to design my own fonts in a little sketchbook when I was just a tiny bot.  Maybe I should have been a web designer.

6.) Is it wrong that I find reading about Google’s failures throughout the year extremely satisfying?

7.) Read Write Web’s list of Top 10 Startups of 2010, which excludes the predictable choices to help us broaden our horizons past foursquare (thank God).

8.) A user-friendly timeline of the Moments that Defined YouTube in 2010. Because you can check out the top videos according to region (and the Vevo list has way more Justin Bieber).

9.) Apple Design Award Winners for best applications for iPad and iPhone of 2010.  I’m upset that I don’t already have any of these.  Time to get my app game on for 2011!

– Opticon

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