Social Media Unplugged Conference: What You Missed

Social Media Unplugged

On Saturday, Jan. 29, Sidetrek Productions presented a one-day conference in Vancouver on real world social media strategies and implementation. The speaker line-up included representatives from some of the biggest players in social media in Vancouver, the country and the world.

Following is our recap of the highlights.

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Best Buy Facebook Fans Tell Justin Bieber to Buzz Off

Justin Bieber Social Media Best Buy

Best Buy will run its first Super Bowl game ad this Sunday. The spot will feature the odd pairing of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne with Justin Bieber.

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Excessive Consumption: Who’s to Blame?


For decades, the line between what we need and what we want has been blurring, leading to overconsumption and a range of environmental issues. Who’s to blame, and what can be done?

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How to Create Sticky Ideas

Sticky ideas

Why do some ideas stick, while others silently slip away into oblivion? Made to Stick authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath pored over hundreds of winning ideas and saw, “over and over,” these same six principles at work.

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Getting Print Coverage Through the Web

Print PR

Journalists are increasingly turning to the Web to generate story ideas, gather information and source subject matter experts. If you’ve done a good job building your brand online, that expert could be you.

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Selling With Sex On the Web

Sex sells Nikon ad

Sex has been used to successfully sell products as early as 1890 when W. Duke & Sons became the leading cigarette brand by including trading cards featuring scantily clad women in their cigarette packs.  Many decades of positive reinforcement later, selling with sex has become commonplace, with boundaries being pushed as far as societal morals allow.  Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller even wagers that all of our consumer choices are motivated by our pursuit of primal desire, for procreation or otherwise.

How has selling with sex manifested itself on the Web?  Webcopyplus recently spoke with Melody Nieves, blogger and marketing enthusiast behind, a blog dedicated to exploring the role sex plays in marketing, for her take on sexy advertising online.

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Business and Technology: 1910 vs. 2010

1910 vs 2010 - Website cartoon by Web Copywriters at Webcopyplus

Optimizing Your Press Release

Optimizing press release photo

A great press release can go along way in terms of gaining virtually free publicity for your business, especially in an increasingly digital media environment. Learning to combine old tricks and new in your press release composition and distribution can help you leverage the power of both traditional media outlets, such as newspapers and magazines, and newer ones, such as blogs and social media networks, to get your message to your markets.

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Using ‘Coming Soon’ Pages to Kick-Start Online Marketing

Coming Soon Page Article Webcopyplus Web Copywriter Blog

‘Coming soon’ pages are a highly effective way to initiate online branding and presence. Yet, most businesses overlook this valuable marketing opportunity.

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Google Trends Confirms the Future of Marketing

Google Trends - The Future of Marketing

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