Why do designers use Macs?

It seems almost all designers who partner with our web copywriting firm have made a solemn declaration to Apple products. In fact, the conviction is so profound, it compelled our copywriters to switch entirely to Macs in 2008. Curious what drives this deep desire and devotion with visual creatives, we asked creative directors in Canada, the US and Europe: Why do designers use Macs?

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Genuine web content

We live in a world where consumers are starving for authenticity. Meanwhile, businesses continue to serve up homogenous content and brands. Why? To play it safe and fit in with the competition. To inspire and prosper, businesses need to come out of the shadows and reveal their true authentic selves.

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Languages of Love

Many entrepreneurs love what they do, but they sometimes struggle with work-life balance. While you’re working hard to build your business, to live life fully, you also need to ensure your relationships flourish. That’s why you should learn the five languages of love. It’s a relatively easy way to enrich your life, and the lives around you.

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Stereotypes in marketing
Are you marketing to people or stereotypes? Sweeping generalizations result in crappy marketing campaigns, offend audiences and spark backlashes. So take the necessary steps to keep your personas real and relevant.

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Branding photo

Brands help categorize the modern world. Toyota or Ford, Lulu Lemon or Levis, CNN or Fox News? Brands no longer just sell. They correspond with personal ideologies, and reflect our narratives back to us.

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Your First Impression is Online… Are You Making a Good One?

First impressions online

It’s reality today: the first place your customers meet you is online. So the big question is: are you putting your best self forward?

“Before any coffee, sales pitch or job interview takes place, there’s a high probability you’re going to get Googled,” insists University of Toronto Professor and Digital Media Strategist Jean George. “Fortunately, big brands and celebrities aren’t the only ones who can strategize and manage their digital footprints.”

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User Experience: Designing a Better World

UX Design

User experience (UX), simply put, is the relationship between people and technology. Whether you’re a designer, developer, copywriter, entrepreneur, or other creative type, you’ve got a hand in identifying and designing that relationship. You have the power to create a product, service or website that people are drawn to, find easy to use and understand quickly. And with that power comes responsibility.

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Writing REAL Content in the Digital Age

Real content

Today’s Internet is an information trash pile just as much as it’s a superhighway. Anyone can create content, which means there’s just as much junk as there is compelling information. Shareable content entertains, educates and adds value to the lives of the audience members who consume it.

If you wish to join the ranks of content writers who add value to the Internet community, here are a few guidelines for delivering quality.

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8 Techniques to Push Your Creative Boundaries


Creativity spawns meaningful satisfaction and value in life and work. Sadly, people habitually scurry to “what’s worked in the past” for the quickest path to limitations and boredom. Fear of failure is often the toothy gremlin that encourages us to recycle old ideas that have worked rather than risk new concepts. But repeatedly pushing your creative boundaries is like any other activity that we do again and again — over time, it becomes less scary and more rewarding.

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30 Misused Words That Make You Look Stupid

Misused words

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and that’s especially obvious when it comes to written communication. Trying to use words to make you sound smarter can have the exact opposite effect if you’re not using them correctly. For all “intensive purposes,” misusing common words and expressions will make you look stupid, and you could “literally” die from embarrassment when the mistakes are pointed out.

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