Geeks Sexy

Looking for love? Maybe you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. Geeks are a rare breed and incredibly refreshing in a world that’s self-obsessed and idolizes perfection. Here are the top 30 things that make them appealing — guaranteed to make your mind wander. Heck, you might want to give geek a chance this Valentine’s Day!

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Web copywriters and designers need to be authentic.

Keeping it real — being genuine — is easily a plus in personal life, but is “being real” just as important to how effectively you can provide brand authenticity?

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Genuine web content

We live in a world where consumers are starving for authenticity. Meanwhile, businesses continue to serve up homogenous content and brands. Why? To play it safe and fit in with the competition. To inspire and prosper, businesses need to come out of the shadows and reveal their true authentic selves.

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Writing REAL Content in the Digital Age

Real content

Today’s Internet is an information trash pile just as much as it’s a superhighway. Anyone can create content, which means there’s just as much junk as there is compelling information. Shareable content entertains, educates and adds value to the lives of the audience members who consume it.

If you wish to join the ranks of content writers who add value to the Internet community, here are a few guidelines for delivering quality.

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30 Misused Words That Make You Look Stupid

Misused words

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and that’s especially obvious when it comes to written communication. Trying to use words to make you sound smarter can have the exact opposite effect if you’re not using them correctly. For all “intensive purposes,” misusing common words and expressions will make you look stupid, and you could “literally” die from embarrassment when the mistakes are pointed out.

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The Number of Syllables in Alphabet Letters

The number of syllables in Alphabet Letters by www.webcopyplus.com


Is Your Website Sabotaging Your Marketing Campaigns?

Website budgets

Businesses spend time and money on everything from radio spots to social media to generate leads, but unfortunately they tend to neglect their prospects’ ultimate destination — their websites. This all-too-common oversight sabotages their marketing initiatives, sales and overall success.

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What is a Web Content Strategy?

Content strategy

What’s a web content strategy? It’s planning content creation, delivery and governance, and it’s a practice every business should employ — but few do. Taking a step back and developing the right strategy can maximize the impact and reach of your web content, and help you surpass your business goals.

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Secrets to Writing a Killer Product Web Page

Online shopping web copy writing

Product web pages are the “money” pages of your website. They’re where you convert lookers to buyers. If you want to maximize conversions, it’s not enough to merely cut and paste manufacturer product descriptions onto your product pages. You need to structure and write product information specifically for the web. Here are a few tips.

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Copywriting: Start With the Person, Not the Product

Copywriting - audience 1

Any experienced copywriter knows when you take time to explore your prospects, you’ll produce more effective content, a stronger marketing campaign and boost conversions. So, to truly connect with and engage your desired audience, be sure to consider their emotions, attitudes and aspirations.

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