Customer Service 2.0

We just released How to approach customer service 2.0, an article that has two social media experts discussing the “social revolution” and its impact on businesses and their brands.

To demonstrate the power of the social sites, I noted a blog post about terrible service that was delivered by Rogers Communications. Thousands have read the post and, despite many comments from other customers sharing their displeasures with Rogers, the phone company has yet to respond. That silence damages their brand.

Ironically, just yesterday, an Accounts Receivable rep from Rogers’ frontline stepped forward to personally apologize. Here’s what he wrote:

“NOT ALL REPS CAN’T DO THEIR JOB.. i’ve had many excellent reps speak with me on the phone   and as an Accounts Recievable representative in Rogers myself i really do understand the issues all of you go through.  believe me i see it first hand every day!!!    Some reps in customer service definatly do not do their jobs and i do appologize for that..  Unfortunatlly is no expliation for any of the situations that you all have been through with rogers employees ..   as a AR rep myself i really do try to help everyone out as much as i can    and i know it is very confusing and VERY irritating to be transfered from place to place  but that is just the way the system works   there is nothing we can do as Rogers AR employees to make any difference in these issues (WE CAN ONLY MAKE PAYMENT ARRANGMENTS AND SO ON) but i know i will try in the best of my abilities to find a solution to who ever i speak too!    i wish i was in Customer Service because i would be able to do a lot more for everyone i speak too and follow through with what i say .. but like i said thats just how the system works ..  PS.. I did advise my manager(s) of the issue   But, like i advised you when i spoke with you there was nothing in AR that i or my managers could do…  if i could’ve done something i would have   believe me i would have   and i’m very sorry for all of the issues that you and all of the other Rogers Customers have endured!        thanks for reading and once again i am very sorry! :)”

I appreciate the employee’s compassion and desire to reach out. He obviously cares. Sadly, he and many other employees (not to mention the customers) are trapped by a flawed system.

Rogers should listen to its employees and customers and rectify the issues at hand, or any growth they enjoy will eventually be surpassed by disgruntled customers dropping like flies.

In fact, Rogers’ executive team should take the advice of social media guru Kris Krug: “Since the Web is where people find you, it’s in your best interest to monitor and influence what shows up there.”

2 responses to “Customer Service 2.0”

  1. Carl says:

    Funny, I used to think the webs scary because people can hide behind it, but really it makes companies transparent or at least exposes them for what they really are. It can actually make them accountable for their actions.

  2. Jamie Strutt says:

    The web is a scary place! But I agree social media has helped uncover shady businesses and practices.

    But still, caveat emptor!!! Always.

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