Rogers Customer Service

Here’s a Rogers customer service case study on how not to conduct business. It’s no wonder so many consumers are turning to the superior services of Skype, Vonage and Shaw.

With my business phone and mobile with Rogers, I decided to bunch everything together and switch my home phone to Rogers as well. Here’s a breakdown of the events that spanned more than one year:

  • After talking to two Rogers call centres for more than an hour in total, a switchover was scheduled for the morning of March 13, 2007.
  • On March 13, no one showed, nor did I receive a call from Rogers.
  • About a month later, Rogers called regarding a new promo. I mentioned the no-show and they promised it wouldn’t happen again. An appointment was set for the following Tuesday.
  • It did. A second no-show.
  • On June 21, 2007, I wrote to the Rogers executive team to advise them of my Rogers customer service experience.
  • On June 25, 2007, I received a response via e-mail stating: “We have checked our system and we do have an order from you for service. The order is, however, incomplete at this time. As such, you will need to contact our customer service department directly for assistance with the status of your order.” It seems this experience is acceptable by Rogers’ standards. To top it off, the note ends with: “We are pleased to have been able to address your inquiry.” Not quite.
  • Several weeks later (late in 2007), a third-party called on behalf of Rogers with a promo. I made reference to the two no-shows and was told there were “system errors,” and was “absolutely” assured they were resolved. I apprehensively agreed to make myself available for yet another appointment for a switch-over.
  • Rogers never appeared. No-show number three. I didn’t bother writing this time.
  • On Feb. 8, 2008, I received an unexpected voicemail from Rogers — several weeks after the third no-show — stating the migration to Rogers was “delayed.” Not wanting to sign on with Rogers after experiencing this service and the hassle of a switch-over, I called back immediately. I was stunned when I was told after being put on hold several times that it was “too late” for me to cancel the switch-over, apparently “due to automation.” My options were put forth: cancel Rogers after the switch and sign back on with my current provider; or agree to the service at a discounted rate. Not wanting to spend anymore time on this matter and deal with a “double switch-over,” I resentfully agreed to go with the discounted rate.
  • On February 12, 2008, a contracted Rogers technician arrived, and eventually determined there was no live line to set me up with Rogers. Additionally, he stated I’d have to call my current provider to cancel my existing service, which baffled me. I was told by Rogers that it was automated and the cancellation with the existing provider “could not be stopped.” Following some confusing calls, the technician said he needed to go to his vehicle to retrieve some paperwork. He came back 20 minutes later shrugging his shoulders to advise me the request for Rogers home phone was cancelled. Annoyed, I wrote Rogers again to convey the events.
  • Rogers’ Customer Service response: “Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service. We are very sorry to hear of the difficulties that you have experienced in using our service.  We would like to offer you an apology on behalf of Rogers.  We would ask that you contact Customer Service directly to schedule the next available appointment timeframe that would be convenient for you.” Did they read the e-mail? Do they care? To top it off, the note ended with the following point: “You are a valued customer and we thank you for your business.”
  • I wrote back immediately suggesting a cut-and-paste response wasn’t necessary, and directing me to Rogers’ customer service number was absurd.
  • Rogers responded: “Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service…” Almost the same letter was re-sent.
  • April 3, 2008, Rogers was leaving me automated messages to call them back, and eventually I did. After being transferred a couple of times, I was advised I was late on payments for the home phone service I never received! I chuckled in a bid to maintain sanity and explained the events yet again to a Rogers employee. The agent, very kind, promised she would review the file, talk to the appropriate manager(s) and call me back the very next morning with an explanation.

The Rogers agent never called the next morning. Two weeks have passed, and still no call. Is this the type of service Rogers wants to be known for?

*On April 24, I received yet another invoice for home phone services never rendered.

*On May 19, after allegedly correcting their billing errors twice, Rogers Customer Service strikes again. Another invoice for services that were not delivered. What’s the cure for the Rogers customer service syndrome? Any suggestions?

*June 2: Rogers Accounts Receivable starts calling again for yet another outstanding balance for a phone line Rogers isn’t providing. After explaining the series of events, I was asked if I’d like to be connected to Rogers Customer Service to straighten things out. I kindly declined.

*June 13: Another voicemail warns the phone service (that Rogers is not providing me) will be interrupted if immediate payment is not made. Once again, I call and explain the events to the Accounts Receivable rep, who suggests I once again talk to Rogers Customer Service. I do, and this time receive a cancellation confirmation number. The representative ended the call with their scripted line: “Thank you for choosing Rogers.”

By now, I have wasted well over a dozen hours on the phone with them, much of it on hold, trying to resolve their erros. Rogers obviously doesn’t value its customers’ time. Rogers customers could make a point by frequently calling Rogers Customer Service and then putting their employees on hold for 10 minutes or so. If the tables were turned, and customers wasted thousands of Rogers’ hours, they would surely take swift action.

Rogers should take a page from business consulting companies, which would suggest they treat customers with respect. Dealing with them is certainly no vacation.

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  1. Raymond Cheng says:

    NICE! Does this subtly suggest Rogers customer service just does not give a damn!?

    • jmcriggs says:

      may 30th 2012
      it would be nice if customer service reps knew there info from hr to hr
      yesterday i spent 4 and a half hrs being treated like ??
      eg called rogers customer service to set up call forward from my blackberry and informed ? no name here but i have and id number to get messages from home phone explained bb was not with rogers and was told how to do star #72 then home# then star #79 to activate ok too easy tried for 40 min thinking i did something wrong,so i go to my bb provider store omg cant do embarssing with other customers hearing they were nice enough to set up call forward for a monthly fee call back get different person and said they should use there tapes for training !!!
      there bill sure keeps climbing wicked!!!!!
      also get there depts somehow together without being put on hold dont even like there music lol or like yesterday getting hung up on during transfer
      writing this hoping customer service can learn from my service with them for yrs hate contracts lol
      also rogers can help there customers better with all the competition out there

  2. Gail says:

    Way to go Rogers! I guess they’re too rich to care.

  3. TRay says:

    Good on you! That’s the power the the web- companies can’t treat people like crap and arrogantly believe no one will find out. :)

  4. Lorna Robertson says:

    I don’t understand why they call it customer service as I have yet to see any service from Rogers.

    They overcharge and when you call the system is down – they can’t call you back – the supervisor wont’ talk to you and to file a complaint you must do it by phone – Kind of interesting in this day and age they dont’ use internet isn’t it or even have a phone number

    Formal complaints

    333 Bloor St e
    Toronto, Ontario
    M4W 1D9

    I will be submitting one shortly

    thanks for listening

  5. Mike says:

    Thanks for the address, these guys are not fun to deal with.

  6. Sue says:

    I was so relieved to find these comments on the web. Usually, the kind of incidents described above would better be left to a “Candid Camera” situation, because sometimes the level of Rogers service has got to be a joke. I see I am not alone in having to spend literally hours at a time with Rogers personnel trying to get my phone working right or bills adjusted. And this week, aside from being given the usual run around – “call here”, “no, call there”, “no, call them back”, I called up the local store – no one picked up, and I was transferred to voicemail… and the voicemail box was full! And this is a communications company? How do they get away with it? No wonder they have you sign a three-year contract. No one would stay with a company which cares so little about custmer service. Though some of the personnel are great, some are given either inadequate customer service training, or, perhaps, none, or, then again, perhaps their training consists of learning how to best frustrate Rogers customers. It’s unbelieveable.

  7. Mark S. says:

    Are telemarketing calls from Rogers Cellular driving you crazy? Have you asked them to stop calling yet the calls continue? Have these calls been eating away at your airtime? Are you ready to send a message to Rogers that you’ve had enough? If so, send me your name, cell number and story. We are collecting and forwarding this information to the CRTC and if enough people respond there may be a possibility of a class action lawsuit and / or credits from Rogers to compensate for the abuse of your phone number and wasting your time

    Thank You


  8. Charlene says:

    May 13, 2008. I have spent the last 2 days speaking with 12 different people at Rogers. They inadvertently switched my digital home phone service to analog, which caused me to have no phone at all for the past 2 days. To top it all off, no one seems to know how to fix it. They also have told me that there is a 65% chance that they will have to give me a new phone number. I have requested 4 times to speak with a supervisor but am told that they are all too busy. No one has returned my calls as promised either. The latest message on my file states that “Tara” a manager in the retention department will call me when it’s fixed. They don’t quite understand that I would like to know when it will be fixed. I have spent 4 hours on the phone over the last day and a half and am nowhere closing to having my service restored. It’s amazing how they prevent you from talking with anyone with any level of authority or even concern for the lack of customer service. I will definitely not recommend Rogers to anyone and will switch back to Bell – which is currently cheaper than Rogers!

  9. Len K says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories about Rogers and its lousy customer service. I had a noshow as described in the story and was going to call them. But after reading all of this, forget it!! I definitely don’t need Rogers in my life.

  10. Roger says:

    Rogers couldn’t provide worse customer service if they wanted to. It really sounds like they genuinely don’t care.

    Most companies would rectify a bad situation or experience. But they seem to shrug it off and say whatever, or even worse – screw you. Old school! “The man” still exists.

  11. D Hedley says:

    Thanks for sharing your story!!

  12. Bernie says:

    And I thought I was getting screwed by Rogers! They take jerking customers around to a whole new level!!

  13. D. says:

    Rogers is going lower every day. I had similar issues trying to move my Rogers internet service from to my new home. The fact is, this is what we get when there’s monopoly. Go to and you’ll see that your feelings towards Rogers are shared by many others. We would all go to another GSM provider. But wait… there’s none out there other than Rogers. Good job CRTC, keep the marked closed.

  14. mathew says:

    I’m just another victim of Rogers customer service. I cant rememebr how many times me and my brother called their css to transfer my bro’s cell to my name. Everytime they dissappoint us by giving new sets of rule. Finally when our contract was over we wanted to cancel their service. When we called them we were informed that their record shows that our previous request for tranfer was declined by ourselves. that was really strange for us. So cant trust their css, dont know what they save into their records. Rogers is worst company treating customers like crap..

  15. HB says:

    Rogers sucks bad! They don’t care. Why have a customer service department? They really don’t care to provide good service, and they definitely don’t care to learn about their screw ups. Hopefully their sales will drop and they’ll be forced to give actually give a crap.

  16. Mattie says:

    Thanks. I have dealt with the Robbers Corporation on my cable services all last week.

    Now my mail is broken after the changes they instituted to stop spam–I cannot send. When they were unable to fix it, they claimed the problem was on my end and no, they wouldn;t come and solve it.
    And I pay them for this. All customer service inquiries have gone unheeded.

  17. Steve says:

    Man, I couldnt feel your pain more.

    I have spent years trying to get away from them and the worst service in the world.

    As of this friday I have finally broken free and cancelled my cell service. For too many reasons to mention. It cost me $400 to cancel and I had to give 30 days notice to boot.

    Anyway, if Rogers was the only game in town, I would never ever resign with them.

  18. Manoj says:

    It seems like the list of disappointed Rogers customers is endless. I just sent an email about my screwy experience and got a automated reply : “Thank you for your inquiry. Due to an increase in email volume, it may take us up to 5 business days to respond to your email. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

    This is gotta end! You cannot treat a customer like shit and still run a business. The current monoplistic Canadian telecom market is gotta end. They charge more than what you pay in the US and still provide the most ridiculous service.Maybe this could be an election issue next year?

  19. reg says:

    Yes they truly are a marvel! They managed to consolidate my ONE account at their discretion and screwed that up. Since this consolidation I have a 1-800 number I never had with charges sent to me monthly, I also have a new address as well. Whoever copied the existing information must have been illiterate. When I call customer service i need to be identified at least 10 times – who do you think is calling i asked them “Mary mother of God?” and that is providing I can get through within the hour. Lots of fun @ Rogers!!!!

  20. A/R REP says:

    NOT ALL REPS CAN’T DO THEIR JOB.. i’ve had many excellent reps speak with me on the phone and as an Accounts Recievable representative in Rogers myself i really do understand the issues all of you go through. believe me i see it first hand every day!!! Some reps in customer service definatly do not do their jobs and i do appologize for that.. Unfortunatlly is no expliation for any of the situations that you all have been through with rogers employees .. as a AR rep myself i really do try to help everyone out as much as i can and i know it is very confusing and VERY irritating to be transfered from place to place but that is just the way the system works there is nothing we can do as Rogers AR employees to make any difference in these issues (WE CAN ONLY MAKE PAYMENT ARRANGMENTS AND SO ON) but i know i will try in the best of my abilities to find a solution to who ever i speak too! i wish i was in Customer Service because i would be able to do a lot more for everyone i speak too and follow through with what i say .. but like i said thats just how the system works .. PS.. I did advise my manager(s) of the issue But, like i advised you when i spoke with you there was nothing in AR that i or my managers could do… if i could’ve done something i would have believe me i would have and i’m very sorry for all of the issues that you and all of the other Rogers Customers have endured! thanks for reading and once again i am very sorry! :)

  21. This a bit off topic, but this show how Rogers doesn’t care about their customers. There is growing movement against their introduction of the iPhone in 2 weeks. They’re cell phone plans are very poor and do not offer unlimited Internet access. They claim that the majority of their customers would prefer this over unlimited Internet access. I seriously doubt they asked any of their customers what they really want.

    You can read more about this on

  22. gen says:

    Rogers customer service is really very bad. I had bad experiences too with the rude agents. That’s why i found this website because i was looking where can i send complaint to Rogers management. Do you know where can i direct compplaints to them?…I had this experience last July 3 with the CSR named Laura who is very rude and doesn’t have phone courtesy. I was trying to ask for a pre-authorized payment setup. She put me on hold for a long time and heard her laughing. The first time she laughed i ignored but the second time she laughed i was really pissed off. She asked me if i have a printer and told her i dont have and then she laughed sarcastically. I asked her why does she have to laugh. And she explained arrogantly. I was trying to get her full name but all she gave was her employee ID. I was wondering why such kind of people is working in Customer Service. I was relieved when I’ve read ur comments. Now, I’m just planning to switch to other network because maybe you’re right this company is too rich to care for their customers which I believe they should not be because the customers are their business!

  23. gen says:

    Btw, the name of the rude agent is Laura and her employee ID is 1657987. The conversation was July 3, 2008 at around 8:50 am.

  24. waiting says:

    I have been on hold for more than 2 hours, after speaking very briefly to a rep who said she’d put me right through to the other department. Grrr….

  25. Jason says:

    Rogers calls me every time my bill is 1 day overdue, and asking me “when I can make a payment and how?” Thats total BS, how the hell am I supposed to look into the future for them? So I asked her why they keep harassing me for full payments on the giant bills they give me. So said, “sir its not harassment because in your contract that we call you, so when are you going to pay?” That is totally crazy. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said “Ok, but he will tell you the same thing” (what a fucking bitch). So I talk to her supervisor and he’s even more retarded than the last person. He basically told me it’s in my contract that they treat me like shit. Rogers can go to hell.

  26. whaka whaka says:

    your credit gets fucked if you wait that long to resolve an issue.

  27. whaka whaka says:

    (and by that i mean not being transfered to customer service and expecting account receivable to magically fix things.)
    if you are using email to complain, thats a number one mistake. snail mail the office of the president, not automated online complaint place. it’ll get you nowhere.
    while i can sympathize with your situation, and appreciate your lightheartedness of it all, i’d strongly suggest, if any situation like that happens again, to not waste your time expecting a real person to email you back or accounts rec to solve these kinds of problems.

    that said, all of you sound like the people i talk to everyday, the trick is to escalate, not only that, fucking be nice please. seriously. anger, swearing, yelling, screaming, even screeching will get you nowhere. not only that, it’ll only piss the rep off who might have been that one person who could have helped you.

    no offence either guys, im a customer too, but just remember, if you have some crazy insane retarded problem that will take eons to fix (more than likely), youre probably the 8th one in a row that person who answers the phone has dealt with.
    the job would be a breeze if the systems worked properly.

  28. michelle says:

    Aug 15,2009

    Ihave decided that rogers is not the only game in town I have decided to buy a phone from the states and a north american plan unlock it and just get a card and nmber to use here in Ontario saves lots of money I do not need to content with Rogers CSR

  29. john says:

    On June 23rd. I sent a letter to the V.P. Consumer Services Mr. Phil Hartling.
    To tell him I was being billed for a cell phone I did not have. Just added home phone sertvice on March 12.2008.
    Every experience listed in the previous
    comments rings a bell.
    No reply, never an apology only indescribable “can’t care lessness”

  30. freyjah says:

    I had my phone service switched to Rogers on 28 August. It’s now a full week later and due to some kind of “database error” they are not able to tell me when I will have a dial tone or get anything except a “not in service” announcement when I try to dial my home phone number. I wish I had never heard of these people. It sounds good to save money but it’s really not saving if you never get the service.

  31. freyjah says:

    Update: called back today, very angry. They “promised” me that my service issue would be resolved by close of business today. We’ll, it’s now almost midnight and still no dial tone on my phone. I’m sorry I ever thought of doing business with these people.

  32. Stand up to Rogers says:

    I’m still currently on hold for Rogers for about 4 hours now on speaker phone. It is a Sunday evening and not a holiday weekend. I am speechless about the service there at Rogers. I support a stand against Rogers. We should definitely set up a protest and make our voices heard. Seriously, it’s about time. They only don’t give a damm about their customers because they know they can get away with it. People complain to each other but that doesn’t do anything. 4 hours without anyone to get a hold of is fraud. BELL CANADA is the lesser of 2 evils. If not, FIDO, Telus, or even the new guys KOODO!!!!! RALLY RALLY RALLY!!!

  33. freyjah says:

    The end of the saga…Today somebody called and left a message on my work voicemail saying that a technician would come to my house tomorrow evening. I called back to 1) ask why the heck I suddenly needed a technician, after ten days of them saying it was a software problem at their end, and 2) tell them that I wouldn’t be home tomorrow.

    I got ahold of a nice woman in customer service who told me that I didn’t have an account at all, and that there was no record of any service being provided to me. I went through the saga once again, and told her that they had until 0900 tomorrow to give me phone service or I was switching back to my original provided. She told me it would take some time to figure this out and called me back about an hour later to say that my “case” had been referred to the “highest trouble authority” but it was “too early” for them to do anything about it. Apparently it would take **7** more days before they could take action.

    I told her that I was done with Rogers and wanted to book a technician to restore my original wiring so that I could return to my previous provider without being charged for Rogers’s incompetence. She didn’t even argue with me, but clicked at her computer and then very apologetically told me that she didn’t even know how to book that kind of appointment, she would have to call me back. At that point I lost it and yelled “forget it, I just want to make sure I am not billed for anything by you people!!!” She told me I wouldn’t be because their records showed I had never had an account with them…

    I called Bell and they generously agreed to reconnect me free of charge…on 22 September, the earliest date a technician can get to my place. That will be almost a month without landline service at my place.

    I’m wondering if anyone really needs a home phone in this day and age, anyway.

  34. freyjah says:

    The saga wasn’t over…got home last night and found my Rogers internet wasn’t working. Called in and got a runaround from some guy who obviously didn’t have a clue, then told me that they’d have to send a technician to my place. I decided to cancel instead.

    Just dropped off all my equipment at the “Rogers Store” over lunch hour. It’s finally over for good!

  35. freyjah says:

    STILL not over…just got a call from Bell to say that Rogers refused to give my old number back because it’s a “non-working number”!!! Apparently I would have to set the service up with them in order to have it switched back to Bell. Un-fricking believable. I told the nice Bell lady that I was just going to give up on the whole thing, since why would Rogers be able to get my number working now, when they haven’t been able to do it for the past two weeks.

    I will definitely be filing complaints with the BBB and the CRTC (for all the good it will do).

  36. Hey Rick,

    I feel your pain with Rogers on the customer service front. My recent experiences only took place over a couple of weeks, but the overall feeling I got when I was through was simply that I was not worth much to Rogers.

    I am still a customer (because of my own wants – an iPhone) but very unimpressed. If you are interested, check out my post regarding my experience here:


  37. Michele says:

    I thought I would add my little dilemma to this page as I am so frustrated!

    I ordered my Rogers extreme package online with wireless on August 21st and still have NOT received any service YET!

    I scheduled my appointment for September 12 for 11am-2pm. I called in at 2pm to their help desk only to be told that my appointment was from 2-5pm. I waited until 4:30pm as I had another appointment that day and rescheduled for September 26 for the time 11am -2pm. Once again, I called and was again informed that my appointment had changed to 2-5pm. This was fine and I waited. At 5:10 pm, the Rogers cable driver had appeared to inform me that he did not have a wireless modem for me and that there was bees around the box and would reschedule my appointment for Monday September 29th. Monday came and the time past 5pm, I again called I was informed that my appointment was scheduled for September 8th. Not being too happy with this situation, the service rep said that they would reschedule and come on Wednesday October 3. Wednesday at 5pm when no one came, I called again. I am really angry now, the service rep once again said that the service guy would be there first thing on Thursday October 2 before I went for surgery, I left at 9:45am. I left not seeing any service guy. After my surgery, I wasn’t feeling too well and did not call until Monday October 6. I asked to have this escalated to management and talked to a Linda who said that a service guy would call within the next 24-48 hours. Surprise, Surprise no service guy came or called. I called again and talked to Walter who informed that my appointment was now scheduled for October 31 and that there was nothing he could do.

    Lucky for me, I work at home and did not require to take these days off.

    Their service department is rather useless and their managers obviously have no authority and the service guys can do whatever they want.

    I had been a customer with Rogers Cable for their internet for eight years and never really had any problems but was tempted with a free wireless modem from Bell. I have been with Bell for only the last ten months and the speed is slow not as fast as they promised and the wireless modem is useless as it cuts in and out so often I can’t get any work done. Bell told me to use my ethernet cable instead but I mentioned then what would be the use of having a wireless modem….

    Sincerely Frustrated,

  38. Paul says:

    It’s amazing how they keep lowering the monthly download/upload limits on their internet service packages, yet the price either stays the same or increases.

    I thought prices for computer and internet related services/gear were going down exponentially?

  39. Danielle says:

    Over the course of this weekend Roger’s;

    -Charged over $5000 in data usage despite me signing up for a plan, TWICE.
    -Automatically suspended my service based on the over drawm account.
    -Arbitrarily changed my first name in their system so that I could not gain access to resolve the situation.
    -Threatened to change me with fraud for calling and demanding information.

    As yet, unresolved, I’ve placed 4 phone calls to the executive office so far today, I’m very willing to entertain suggestions as to how I proceed, lawyers advice, etc….

  40. Arun says:

    Wow, I’m not the type of person to actually search somthing like “rogers worse service” but after my experience today I must say I just had to. I am a ex- employee for Rogers. I started working in their homephone billing department – moved into their sales department and now work for Telus Communications. So my beef with Rogers is that I’ve had soo many screw ups with my order. I feel the real REASON why rogers is doing bad with the service they provide to everyone is because they keep hiring new people as their employee turn over rate is so high. As they are hiring new people to work for the company they train them for 1-2 months and boom they are on the phones trying to help “customers” with there service – These new people do not have enough experience and tend to either a) screw up with provisioning certain things or b) lie to you abbt things they either cannot see or can see – sure when I call Rogers I can tell if imtalking to a new person or not by the way they keep putting me on hold or muting the phone (thinking I cannot hear the dead air) but this is not the way to do business at all. – (I’m the same type of guy who said the best company I worked for was Rogers) but in honesty from a customers point of view I feel its the worse company to deal with as far as getting customer service! My services all work properlybut my bills are totally screwed up. No one is willing to or actually should say able to help me – as they do not know what they are doing. The only thing I get from them is , for the inconvin sir I will give you 50$ credit. -(Employees are allowed to give upto $150.00 maxx)
    In conclusion I feel that they should retain their employee’s that know how the company works and policy’s and train them on better cus service skills.

  41. Patrick says:

    I’ve the bad experience with Rogers customer service also. Anyone knows the direct email addres to Rogers customer care in order file a complaint?


  42. Wayne says:

    To say the least, I am seriously thinking “Satellite” as a new source for my internet and home entertainment requirements. I have a total package with Rogers (home phone, cell phones, cable t.v. and high speed internet), and I sure feel I am not getting my money’s worth. I lose approx. a total of 15 hrs. a month in NO SERVICE available, and these times are of course the peak times (for me). I link into the company network from home on the internet and spend more time re-doing projects because they are lost without notice when the net goes down. There must be a more reliable way.
    Why also should we pay top dollar for services I do not receive.

  43. JJ says:

    The problem is there is no competition, each cable company claim their teritory and other cable companies will not touch. The closest competitor is Bell and well it is not a better alternative. It is time for CRTC truely open the door of competition and let other companies come in.

  44. Jenny says:

    I just found out that Roger’s has been charging me $8/month to rent a modem and digital box for the last 4 or 5 yrs I’ve had this account with them. Problem is I purchased both items when I opened the account. Their response – ‘those machines are down as rentals. If you can’t show us a receipt you will be billed for renting them and will need to return them if you close your account’.

    They also had down a $6 monthly charge for “extra outlet”, explanation was some doubletalk about how something cancelled and reset and the system added an extra outlet.

    I think Rogers is deliberately scamming. I kept ending up on 1-hr calls and finally disconnected on hold. Someone told me the system is set up to do that. I believe it. Surprisingly, when I got employee numbers, I did not get disconnected. Coincidence??

    That’s not even getting into the phone – 2 yrs of problems, when they finally ‘fixed’ it they gave me a new phone but handed me something to sign…a 3-yr contract. I said no way, mine is almost done, I was ready to dump you but you gave me the phone, NOT signing. Another 1.5 hrs in the store, they said they resolved it, well it took like 30-40 calls (NOT exaggerating), maybe 15-20 hrs to JUST fix that. Their initial response when I said you need to get me off this contract I did NOT sign or agree to, “ma’am you don’t understand, there is nothing I can do about the contract”. So they sign ppl up for services they do not want and there’s “nothing they can do about it”.

    I don’t think anyone can be this wrong, this often, this excessively by accident. Something is really wrong with this company – no honesty, no integrity.

  45. joseph paul blais says:

    I was an employee of rogers for 2 years up until yesterday when I was forced to resign for addresssing issues of false practices and policies and they put me tru a kangaroo court (proceedings that deny due process rights)For 2 years i was forced to operate under false identification. It was known and accepted that I was using false identification to identify me in rogers system When the customer calls in I gave my real name but when they called to refer to my name the rogers system would give them another name. Its rogers strategy to do this so that if customer files a complain the name cant be matched to the agents id listed in the system. This false ID also caused me not to get my commissions from rogers.Rogers owes me 2 years worth of commissions. Rogers takes advantage of its employees as well as cutomers. I would not want to be a customer of Rogers, I have experience first hand what they force us to say or not to say to leave the customer in the dark and take advantage of their lack of knowledge. They want confusion to reign. Some may say I am a disgruntled employee, well let it be known that I am an employee that will educate the public of rogers practices because it is abusive of employees and customers.

  46. Vinny says:

    I recently got a phone call from Rogers giving me a spiel on how they can save me a large amount of money by combining my current Rogers cable TV service with their phone service. I replied “There’s no way you can beat the deal I have now.” The girl says “How do you know that without doing a cost comparison?” To which I respond “Because you’ve been sending me three fricken pieces of mail and or flyers telling me about it every single week for the last five years!”

  47. Vinny says:

    Last year, I had just joined a poker site when there appeared a message on my screen that seemed to indicate I had mail waiting from Britney25f. There was even an envelope displayed to make it look convincing. I clicked on it and lo and behold it turned out to be an ad from Rogers. There was no Britney and there was no e-mail. But this was just the beginning of my disappointment.

    I e-mailed a Rogers about their deceptive ad and received an auto-notification that I would be contacted within 24 hours. 48 hours later, still no Rogers. Within that same period, I recieved one snail mail and one e-mail from Rogers seeking more of my business, one of them referring to me as “a valued customer”. Talk about insulting. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

    The following day, a rep e-mailed me. Rather than research it through their marketing department, their representative asked me to gather documentation so that he can investigate it further. I went through the time and effort to get screen shots of the ad and the website the ad directs one to, and sent them along to him.

    Twelve days later, still no response. I sent this to him:

    If you have nothing concrete to report yet, please indicate so. On the other hand, if you think that ignoring a valued 30-year customer is in the best interests of your employer, I will be happy to convey that sentiment for you to your manager.

    He responded within ten minutes apologizing that the issue was handed off to another department, but that he will have them contact me.

    A week later, still no contact. I sent the gentleman this:

    Tell them not to bother. I have my answer. Not only does Rogers have no scruples, stooping to tricking people into viewing their ads, its customer service stinks. I’ll be passing along the message to as many people as I can all over the web, on message boards, through e-mail, blogs, etc. As soon as I find a suitable replacement, I’ll also be terminating my Rogers account.

    Have a good day, sir.

  48. Vinny says:

    I saved the best for last. This happened about 18 months ago.

    I used to log into the Rogers website to check my account balance so that I knew the correct amount to pay each month through online banking. Suddenly, I could no longer log in, getting an error message indicating a false situation the details of which I no longer recall.

    Over teh next three onths, about six phone calls to Rogers and about twice that number of reps talk to me, asking me the same questions, me giving the same answers and them assuring me it would either be fixed or else someone would call me back. Neither ever occurred.

    By then I was pissed. I call up and they start to put me through the same BS. I complained about the repetition and the rep angrily says “Do you want me to help you or not?” I said “I want to talk to your manager”. Unbelievably, the guy hung up on me. I immediately called back and asked to talk to a manager. I was told they were all in a meeting. I just gave up in frustration.

  49. rick james says:

    i work for rogers and had you people with your “formal complaints” had spoken with me your issues would have been resolved asap.

  50. WayneL says:

    This site should not be opened to any Rogers individuals who work for them now or in the past. Rogers should be block from this site entirely. The last cmment by past roger employee actually defended Rogers after reading all you incident reports. Big brother is watchingm listening and likely recording not only your complaints but other info as well. Their should be a sign on and a way to have this closed to anyone who is associated with Rogers now or in the past. Don’t think big brother isn’t in this site, it’s likely the first place they would go if they know about it, and from the last entry they obviously do.

  51. wshe says:

    I moved from USA, and they understood customer servicem believe me. Dealing with Rogers has been a headache. They quoted me an amount for my services then changed it. I tried to talk to them. They were so rude, and one of the agents told me it was “my problem and unfair of me to get a good deal.” I was beyond mad. What?? Now I have an issue with their overpriced cellphone plan! Emailing them only results in a generic automated response. Is there a better alternative? I will pay anything to terminate this stupid contract!

  52. Tenzin Ngonga says:

    I have been on rogers since 2007 and i am unhappy with rogers. .TOday i check my bill and it is $1299.99. THey said i made lots of long distance call, but i only call NY once for 10 minutes and some to hamilton which is in ontario. They disconnect my phone for couple times by mistake. I hate the fact that they are ripping off many people. In USA, the entire state is local and here in canada it is different. Rogers screw with me many times. Now i think it is time to sue Rogers. I am going to give the statement to news.

    • Tracy Mason says:

      NOBODY needs to up date data as much as Rogers, sick and tired of paying to watch a show at 1am,I miss the ending, at 2am I miss the beginning ,is there a point of paying rogers for shitty service. Enough already. It’s now 2:10 am and I must get up to push the dam button on the box so the t.v will come back on. Real old school getting up to turn the T.v on. Maybe I should look into Bell again, didn’t have problems with dinosaur equipment !!!!!!! Thanks for not caring because I have phoned and reported this.

  53. dane says:

    Rogers is a failiure

    I recently uphraded to a blackerry bold from one of those rogers plus stores
    And it was and is still un undergoing horrible experience
    When I got the phone it came with this data usage pamphlet
    Which describes how data is alocated and what not
    I observed on this pamphlet that it stated I could if I wanted to
    Watch 50 hours of you tube videos.
    Anyway I took the phone home and was enjoying it, a week later I went to on the phone and there was a video there, I
    Was like nice, turns out the phone could not stream videos cu it kept getting an error
    I contacted the store where I purchased it and they said that “call tech support”
    I called tech support out of curiosity cuz it is still a new phone
    Little did I know that it would lead to 50 different agents and 30+ hours of my time wasted trying to fix the software settings.
    Finally those idiots and I hate calling anyone that deemed my device defective but not before telling me that rogers abd rim do not support you tube as a streaming source
    Infact several agents told me that, contrarty to their you tube advertising pamphlet

    Finally I was told to go to thew rogers store cz it was a month under and they have to replace it for me
    When I went there the blonde counterhelp immediately said “I’m familiar with this problem its normal my phone does it too” I was baffled
    She insisted that ure not sopposto watch videos on it from you tube, I told her it won’t stream any videos from any site as there is a protocol error ans it redirects the WAP streaming to a 503 no display prt
    She then proceeded to tell me to call tech suport and when I tolf hrr tech support sent me here to change it she got mad and got the manager like I was robbing the place
    Her and the manager told me they had no bolds in stock which.I gound out was a lie cuz I sent. In my gf a hour later to ask if they did and they did
    Thwy said they will order me one abd call me qhen it comes in
    They never said when so I left after she took down information

    Two weeks later after not receiving a call I phone billing becuase I was still under one month and wanted to know what was going on
    Billing was clueless as to any orders placed for a replacement and told me that they never ordered one
    I was furious, then I got transfered one hundred times
    They told me to call back friday if it still didn’t come
    I waited and nothing arrived besides a bill for my upgrade from rogers
    I called them and was transfered around ten times explaining this long story
    Finally I got so annoyed I told the agent if she did not come up with a solution and stopped wasting my time I’d cancel my business line
    They immediatly took action
    Although with little prevail
    They sent me back to the store where I ebcountered that manager
    He gave me some crap story how they have none in stock and come back satursay
    Well saturday was yestarday and I haven’t gone yet
    I plan to cancel my line come monday

    BEWARE OF ROGERS, biggest pains in the butt

  54. Lynn Stewart says:

    I have been dealing with, first rogers and now the collection agency and law firm hired by rogers for payment MADE TO THEM OVER A YEAR AGO. After submitting my payment confirmation number to the law firm – I received a call from them telling me that rogers is still saying the payment is outstanding??!!! I haven’t heard from anyone since however my last conversation with the law firm was to ask who the lawyer was and whether they were actually licenced in Ontario…they never answered me and I have never heard from them again…Rogers is not just bad for customer service they are HORRIBLE. I’ve never had so many pointless conversations in my life, I have explained my situation to mininum of 14 people there and yet I still have the same problem…I might add, I still have an account with them for my cable and “for being such a preferred customer” I have received a ton of discounts!!!! THIS COMPANY AND THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Barb Kueber says:

    I find it hard to believe that companies like Rogers can be so successful while providing customers with little or no support. What corporate policies enable their support people to blatantly lie and be totally unaccountable to their customers?? Everyday’s a new day with Rogers..please tell us your problem. I welcome vistors to my site

  56. Great blog post. Adding you to my list. Thanks!

  57. brian says:

    Post #44 from a former Rogers employee was very enlightening.

    Like most here, I’ve wasted dozens of hours on the phone with Rogers completely useless customer service. The expression “blind with rage” comes to mind every time I have to deal with them. They pull this trick all the time: they promise you something, it never happens, you call back, and they innocently ask you the name and employee number of the person you spoke to. Oh you don’t have that? Well then it didn’t happen. Or my favourite: we’re checking our notes, and we have no record of that, because we are idiots, so again, it didn’t happen. Or how about, “I have no idea why that person would have told you that–it’s not Rogers’ policy, and we can’t do that thing that our representative promised you.”

    Their customer service people constantly act like they are all just free agents that bear no responsibility for the commitments made by any other Rogers rep. I’m constantly in the situation where I’m saying “you [Rogers] told me that such and such was the case, and you should stick to your word.” “Me?” is the usual reply “I never told you any such thing.”

    And who here hasn’t been on the phone with them for hours being transferred from department to department only in the end to be transferred in a big loop right back to where you started.

    Then they hang up on you.

    And when you call back, you have to start all over again.


    I just cancelled my cable, then magically I was hit with a $28 over limit fee for my internet. I have never been over limit before.

    As soon as I can find another provider, I’m gone.

    And for those of you saying you’re switching to Bell–DON’T DO IT. They may be the only company on Earth with worse customer service than rogers.

  58. Paula says:

    after spending over an hour on hold, I was told by some beligerent little man that I was uneducated and that I should get out of my basement if I wanted mobile internet to work. (I was upstairs at the time) also said that Google was not a good test web site to try as it had too many graphics unreal!

  59. Paula says:

    and this rep said he was amazed that it took me 5 weeks to get around to complaining. That it couldn’t be that bad, so I told him it took that long for the Rogers page to load so I could get the phone number. Total idiot! wow

  60. Tom says:

    Hello all on this blog. I’m taking action against rogers and ask you, and anyone else using any other service provider, to join in. All you have to do is downgrade your service (slightly or dramatically, it doesn’t matter as long as you end up paying them less) on the same day at the same time. The day is July 31st and the time is 7pm in your province (so, techinically, it’s the same time per province, not nationwaide). Why? Because unified, simple action is terrifying to people at the top. Spread the word, get as many people as you can to downgrade their services at 7pm on July 31st, 2009.

  61. clayton says:

    I would just like to say that rogers.Staff
    are very rude.And when I get my bill for the
    month.They send me apayment reminder the
    next day.And then they keep calling me wanting
    there money now not with in the thirty days
    you are allowed by law.And they call me every d day.I told them if this keeps up.They can
    have there internet back and stick up there ASS.

  62. Amar says:

    Hello, We all agree ROGER SUCK… I cannot wait for the day when my contract expires and i will tell them go take a dip at north pole…. There is no way in hell i am going back to rogers … I rather live with out a cell phone go back to paging service then go to rogers. I seriously hope govt does something to end there monopoly… looking forward when european company Globalive starts there service.. BTW righting this blog while trying to get in touch with rogers customer service… where customer service is part of companies heritage and legacy..

  63. Kris says:

    Rogers suck agreed. Some third party company with 000.000.000 called and said that they are seling rogers products and they are indeed from rogers somewhere in the globe.They called me at dinner time and gave me all the pricing the pricing was different each time we finalized.  I spent alomose two hoursand finally with $20.00 in pricing per month the supervisor said sorry. I agreed to the nighter price and today they called me again and verified a few items and confirmed that channels are not offered from yesterday’s discussion.  I told the supervisor to go to hell. I will take this up to the VP level.Here I am trying to get a customer service for Rogers and they are worse than sales guys. No support at all.

    Employee I was dealing with is Hycent ID : 12693
    Supervisor : Amer ID 3711

    Lets bring another company from Europe where we will have honest service and sales.

  64. robert says:

    ha all sounds the same as what happened to me, and before i recived the phone I ended up with a twitch in my left eye with all the stress Rogers cussed me.

  65. John Brotzel says:

    I almost Ditto the initial complaint. So surprised am I at Rogers,And I even know John Tory,former CEO on a personal level. Way to go Rogers,very very BAD SERVICE!!!

  66. no freaking way!! says:

    let me vent! I have been with rogers for over two years now. I have in that time purchased two phones and had two phones purchased on contract ( a blackberry and an iphone ) My blackberry broke so I was given a new three year contract with my iphone. My blackberry is still billed to me for $75.00/month which is apparently the lowest plan they have for an inactive phone (???) Ive called twice to verify this. My Iphone is just over $120 a month so my usual mothly bill is $220 – $250 each month. I have been late paying a couple of times in the past but have always called and made a cc payment on the spot. I dont even want to imagine the amount of money I have given this company as I’ve had bills in the past in excess of $800 paid in full and on time. Anyways my service was suspended last month over $211 which was 2 days past due. Being so incredibly ticked I decided to not balk at this and did NO contact rogers to make an immediate payment. I received a letter in the mail 3 days later stating that if I did not contact Rogers within 5 days they would cancel two contracts (@ $400 each ) . SOOOO after ordering my koodo cell phone – I called them and said that I would like them to cancel my service and contracts for both phones. haha. The story then changed to – we will not cancel your contracts until you pay the $211. I replied that I would pay the $211 as part of my final invoice cancellation charges included. I was told that my service would remain active(yet suspended) for at least three more months at a cost of $200 per month and then I would be charged my cancellation fees and that the total estimated cost would be approx $1600.

  67. Mark Shields says:

    I had a a similar billing nightmare with rogers this spring . cancelled my service.. paid up all the balance $1,300 dollars and then went “offline” no land line. internet or cable TV for the 5 months .. a month later they sent me a bill for $500.00 and said it was a cancellation fee… did not pay it and now they have reported to the credit bureau which has caused me to have my credit score lowered and damaged.
    I have switched to Bell for Cell/internet (online live chat customer service.. better) and have gone Open air HD with an Antenna onthe roof that receives digital and HD straight from the CN tower and can get most of the major networks from the US as well. Drop Rogers cable and go Open air HD. no monthly charges no hassle and amazing clear High definition clarity!

  68. SUZANNE ADAIR says:


  69. suzanne says:


  70. Gregory Duquette says:

    Rogers’has to have the worse customer service of any company I have dealt with. In dealing with a concern that our change to service request was not instituted, resulting in extra charges the “customer service” representative responded at one point that they “would not digest what we were trying to tell them”. We were put on hold 3 times, spent a total of one and half hours, and received know satisfaction. We requested that the data plan be removed from the service. The phone is our sons and he was running up huge data plan usage. The rep told us the change would be made in August. In February my son got in arrears with the account and we became involved. We found out the data plan was still in effect. Rogers said the original request was not initiated as the account was under suspension at the time of the request. At no time the rep say our original request would not be processed. We are now writing a letter, to ensure we have documentation of our request, as they deny, deny, deny, past conversations, although they say they are recorded. I really would like to get out of this contract. Rogers suck

  71. Wes says:

    Ya !!!!! I ended up thesame way and for 3 yrs they billed me for a service I never had. I wrote a letter to the Office of the president and they accualy called me.
    Lori Conium was her name. She promised she would fix the problem. ! month later I still get another bill and call her Long distance (she wouldnt give me her 800#) and also promised to fix this and pay for my calls.
    It didnt get fixed and when I asked her about it on my next call she told me I am a lier.

    Rogers is Awefull to deal with !!!!!

  72. Wes says:

    Some Useful numbers to call, I spent 3yrs fighting with them so these may help you also.
    Office of the president
    1-866-619-8317 Lori Conium Rude lady but might get somewhere. She may lie to you.
    1-866-209-3572 Fenando nice fellow
    Ellio Vani….corporate governance. Found a place to send an email to and he called me back. IT did start the ball rolling. (That link is now removed) He will send you in the right direction and he seems to care as he called me at midnight his time. 416-764-4468

    hope it helps as Rogers is awefull to deal with

  73. theresa says:

    does anyone have an email address to Rogers customer service manager other then the useless one on their site. I have completed that form about 10 times. I refuse to speak to them and want all conversations in an email. I had a contact but of course he left and the 12 year old who took his place is an I&$(&#&#(> Thanks

  74. TK says:

    Nice to see Rogers never changes. My business lines have been down for 3 days, I have called managers who will not call me back, left messages that were never returned, and generally have gotten no where. Just allot of BS. I dropped Telus because I did not think the service could be any worse. I was wrong. Telus sucks, but Rogers is even worse. Where do I turn?

  75. Jerry says:

    An Absolute ZERO…

    I picked up a Sony Ericcson phone in January at Rogers kiosk. I was a Blackberry phone user for several years on the Rogers system prior to this. BTW, my Blackberry was purchased outright by me 4 years ago ($700.00 approx.), no subsidized phone. Poor customer service at the kiosk in January. Young representative far more interested in doing something else. I was told to come back sometime if I had any questions.
    Decided in April, 2011 that Sony Ericson is not a phone that meets my needs. Called customer support and told nothing could be done for at least 2 years to exchange phone and go back to Blackberry. Called following day and spoke to 6 separate individuals, finally to Nina at “Customer Retention”. She agreed to provide a used Blackberry (I would have to buy a charger separately) and I agreed. This was to be an interim phone until I qualify for early upgrade in July, 2011.That was on April 20th. UPS should have delivered phone on April 21 or on April 25th (today). No phone delivered. Phoned Rogers. Spoke to 5 separate people and held for just under an hour only to be told that Nina would have to call me back as no other staff understood the notes on ref. # I382584211. I was told that in July I could get an early upgrade from used Blackberry that I was supposed to receive. Many apologies later, I still have no Blackberry. One of the many people I spoke to was supposed to assist with tracking and tracing. He kindly advised that no phone had ever been sent by Nina, the RETENTION manager. I have been hung up on by a male “customer service person” this morning. I am now waiting for a call, which I suspect will never come, only to tell me why the phone did not get sent and why the incompetent people that I spoke with can’t arrange a shipment of a used phone to a customer even after hours, literally hours, of time on the phone making arrangements. I’ve been in business for 30 years and have NEVER, EVER had this poor level of service from any service provider EVER. I was warned by people who have had similar Rogers experiences. For years now, no problem. This is unbelievable and proof that what many people say about their bad experiences is true.

  76. Mike says:

    I hate this company.

  77. Mickey Oberman says:

    Just this past week – Week of 8 January, 2012 —-

    A board administrator has deleted the suggestion you placed on the Yahoo! Answers Suggestion Board.

    Reason provided: Suggestion is not actionable by owners of this Suggestion Board, therefore we are removing it.

    Suggestion topic: Rogers

    If Rogers would redirect some of the 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars it spends advertising and promoting itself in every conceivable and inconceivable medium and use it to improve the quality and consistency of its product and to greatly reduce the rates it charges Canadians who pay more than any other country in the world including 3rd world countries it would be a boon to millions of subscribers.
    But then what can one expect from a pampered monopoly?

    Mickey Oberman

  78. Dave says:

    i live near the head office in toronto – the address has been posted on here. don’t bother going in person. you can’t get past the lobby and they don’t dare come down and show their faces when you call and say you’re downstairs (probably a wise idea, when you think about how many people they’ve made irate!) security will kick you out if you try to attract any attention to your concerns. i think they should just become truly transparent and re-brand the dept to call it the “customer serve-us department”!!!!

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