Web Content Can Disqualify Your Competitors

Web content can disqualify competition

Purposefully written web content that effectively tells your prospects why they should buy from you can really help your business on the sales front. In fact, if done right, it can completely disqualify your competitors.

As noted in the article Brand strategy: distinct or extinct, you should leverage your business’ unique points and strengths, which may entail your:

  • Selection
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Credentials
  • Expediency
  • Style
  • Technology
  • Geography
  • Alliances
  • Tools
  • Customer service

But when you do, make sure you nail the point on the head. Don’t be subtle. Use clear, short and relevant web content to drive the message home.

And don’t be afraid to repeat your most potent points. It will drill the facts and ideas into your prospect’s brain, and make it memorable.

It’s a sound way to exclude your competitors from the final decision-making process.

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  1. Reg says:

    Easier said than done! Defining your USP is important, but not many small businesses can afford expertise to go through the necessary exercises to achieve this. As a result, small businesses aften miss the mark suffer as a result.

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