Websites Aren’t Just for Selling Widgets

During a recent web writing class, I was surprised to learn several participants felt websites in general have only one main purpose: to sell products or services.

In the business realm, promoting products and services is common. However, there are many other types of websites, including:

  • Personal or biographic websites, a.k.a. blogs
  • News websites, which can complement newspapers
  • Informational websites, designed to share information on specific topics or hobbies
  • Instructional websites, ready to educate you, often cost-effectively and around the clock
  • Community websites, or social websites, Web 2.0 sites…call them what you will
  • And entertainment websites, made to distract or amuse you

If you’re looking to launch a new website, be sure to answer a few key questions before you employ a web designer, web writer or any one else. It’ll save you much money and time, and help you succeed.

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