10 Ways to Repurpose Your Website Copy

Repurpose website copy

So, your shiny new website marketing copy is finally in place. Congratulations! Even better, that same marketing copy is starting to bring in business. (Must be all those precise keywords and cleverly phrased calls to action.)

Before you amortize your investment, consider how those carefully crafted words can work for your business in other places. Repurposing your website marketing copy will:

  • Reinforce your brand identity
  • Establish consistent messaging
  • Increase customer recognition

It will also give you more than your money’s worth.

Here are 10 possible ways to repurpose your website marketing copy so it works overtime for your company, online and offline.

1. Press releases

Next time you send out an announcement through an online newswire such as PRWeb, include “about” copy from your website to give readers a snapshot of your organization.

2. E-newsletters
The FAQs on your site may suggest topics for expanded discussion in your company e-newsletter or weblog. It’s all about focusing on customers and their information needs.

3. Professional networks
Some of your website’s “about” or bio copy will serve nicely on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Also quickly reproduce your list of services or specialties.

4. Flyers and brochures
Adapt your “about” and “services” copy for a print brochure, a format that also benefits from concise writing and bulleted lists. Don’t forget to include some client testimonials.

5. Print ads
Whether targeting readers of a business newspaper or trade journal, your print ads need to feature more than your URL. Leverage your web marketing copy to grab readers’ attention.

6. Newspaper or journal articles
The Web is all about content, but so are traditional print media. Your website may contain great content that you can spin off into service articles. Think consumer info, how-to, self-help.

7. Conference bios and other blurbs
For accurate, pithy info “about” your company, its directors and associates, go straight to your website copy. Same goes for directory listings. Why rewrite if it’s already right?

8. Business cards

They may be small, but when done right, business cards can speak volumes. On the back, feature your “mission” or “services.” This will set you apart from the many business people whose cards say nothing about what they do.

9. Speeches or presentations
Like the Internet, PowerPoint has come a long way since the 1980s. But it still relies on “a few good words” in readable fonts. You’ll find some in your website marketing copy.

10. Personal networking
You, your mom and your web copywriter all know what sets your services or products apart. Memorize that value proposition and you’ll have more confidence in face-to-face interactions with colleagues and potential clients. (Really!)

Repurposing your website marketing copy for other formats or media is a form of reverse engineering. It also makes sound economic sense. When you need to say a lot with few words, good web copy can get the job done.

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