President ‘YouTube’ Obama

President-elect Obama will be the first president to post videos of his weekly Democratic address on YouTube, in addition to the traditional radio format, reports the Washington Post.

There’s no denying his party’s tech savvy. During the presidential campaign, the Democrats sent out countless text messages to people throughout the U.S. to remind citizens to register to vote, to go to the polls, and to get others involved in the campaign.

Reportedly, the Democrat party’s text message announcing Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate reached 2.9 million U.S. mobile subscribers. That made it “one of the most important text messages” ever, noted Nic Covey, Nielsen Mobile’s Director of Insights.

2 responses to “President ‘YouTube’ Obama”

  1. Dana Sills says:

    True, but the “web-savvy” pres won’t get to use his Blackberry!!! The most powerful man in the world stripped of his dear sidekick :).

  2. Gordy says:

    Barack’s YouTube videos are doing pretty solid with lots and lots of views. Might be the most viewed president in the history of the US.

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