The Best Copywriters Understand Keywords

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The best web content copywriters understand keywords, which are the foundation to a successful website.

Keywords drive desired traffic to websites, and can help engage and convert visitors into customers. Unfortunately, when businesses hire uninformed web content copywriters, many opportunities are missed.

There are basically three types of keywords a business can target:

1. Keywords for browsing
These are generic terms that people often use when they start the search process. While it’s difficult to attain top 10 positions on search engines for terms such as web design, it can gain a business broad exposure on an international scope. But don’t expect high conversion rates, as most of these people have just started their search, and might just be looking for free tips and ideas.

2. Keywords for comparing
Now the person searching has some insight and is starting to look at particular products or services. For instance, a person might type in website designer and start browsing portfolios, rates, specialties, processes, and so on. They’re likely at least semi-serious prospects.

3.  Keywords for buying
At this stage, the person has a good idea of what he wants to purchase, so he might type in web designer New York, or ecommerce web designer, or even ecommerce web designer in New York. He’s specific, and more than likely ready to invest.

But, remember, while keywords can bring prospects to your website, you have to deliver your message with impact. Otherwise visitors will be quick to leave your site, and find your competition.

2 responses to “The Best Copywriters Understand Keywords”

  1. Helen James says:

    Thanks for noting it’s important for web content writers not to overlook the fact that keywords are helpful, but web writing needs to speak to people to make a website succeed.

  2. Luna says:

    Stumbled & Dugg! Great article!You have hit the nail on the head about Print firms ofreifng web design, I come across many businesses who in there own words now offer web design!!’ unfortunately they have no idea of the mechanics behind the web and churn out PSD to HTML website that are not standard compliant and not cross browser compatible.As to design by committee dont get me started!the hassle and the stress of re-designing a good design because they have it in their head that light grey text on white back ground IS a good idea or that black backgrounds with white text is legible.As to your idea of jack of all trades’ I partly agree, I personally am more of a designer than out an out coder. However Im proficient in HTML & CSS and have a good general knowledge of PHP which is enough for simple applications but for anything more complex I get my PHP developer to do it.I think that in order to be a good web designer you need to be aware of the main programming languages and have a general understanding of what they do, that way you can make sure you use the most appropriate language for the website & not limit its intended functions.And if you dont have the skills on site get a good freelancer to do that part for you.

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