Bios on the Web

For business and pleasure, people are placing bios on multiple sites, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. That’s because Internet users have an increasing number of accounts where we make friends, build networks or market businesses.

So it makes sense to invest some effort or resources in a bio, and even have a couple of different versions serving different sites and purposes. After all, you’re branding yourself on the Web, and the right bios can make a world of difference to how people perceive you.

Presenting consistent information in your bio(s) makes you appear more professional and memorable. However, personal brands are often disjointed on the Web because most people have different identities on each social network.

The good news is there are emerging technologies that will enable a transportable identity, which will empower Internet users to bring your identities with you. It’ll lead to an integrated social experience.

Meanwhile, whether you have one bio or 10 floating around the Web, it’s wise to ensure your profiles are up to date, consistent, and put your best side forward.

2 responses to “Bios on the Web”

  1. Helen says:

    That technology to maintain web content sounds sweet…so many bios out there make it tough to keep track of details and dates!

  2. Jay Miles says:

    The problem is bios need to change so frequently!

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