Link Building 101

Like keyword-rich website content, link building is an essential element to achieve high search engine rankings.

The more websites that link to your site, the easier is to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Links to your site are like votes – the more ‘link love’ you receive, the more the search engines trust you.

But it’s important to get the right links. Links from related websites, which are also credible (for instance, they’re
 popular and have been around for some time), help your search engine rankings more than links from websites with limited inbound links.

On that note, search engines are not fond of paid links, which, if reported, can actually get your website penalized. That’s black hat SEO, and it’s bad news.

Effective ways to get others to link to your website include providing useful tools, as well as insightful articles or posts. When you offer something worthy, website owners are generally quick to make reference to your website, and reward you with that all-so-valuable link.

One response to “Link Building 101”

  1. J kim says:

    Good insight into linking strategies -thanks. However, getting links can be very time consuming. Saying that it is a sound investment if you depend on traffic from search engines.

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