What Good Web Writers Know

Good web writers know

Good web writers know more words do not create additional impact.

When it comes to web writing, you should remove any words or messages that have no value for your target audience.

Review your web writing and cut it down to what’s truly essential. Self-aggrandizing messages, for instance, aren’t useful. They add dead words with little or no value. They get in the way, making it harder for visitors to find what they’re looking for — benefits.

Here’s an example from a resume consultant’s website: “We are committed to customer service and believe we provide the highest standards of customer service in the CV writing industry.”

Does it make a strong point that makes a mark with the prospect? Probably not. Any CV consultant can state that, and many likely do. It’s vague, ineffective and should be removed from the site. No one would miss it, except possibly the employees who wrote and approved it.

Good web writers know less is more.

2 responses to “What Good Web Writers Know”

  1. Rachel Lyle says:

    Yes I agree, I believe it will not help, much better if you focus on the subject only and go straight to the point.

  2. Grace says:

    Straight to the point for sure. But also ensure there’s enough information to educate people on why they should buy what your website is selling. Don’t cut yourself short!!!

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