Common Web Content Mistakes

Common Web Content Mistakes

Common web content mistakes on websites, especially on home pages, include:

Disclaimers – Don’t greet visitors with apologies and excuses for a lame or out-of-date site. Take the suspect pages or sections offline, make time to rectify the content, or hire a professional. Ill-equipped web content can kill your credibility.

Welcome Messages – “Thank you for visiting,” “This site is meant to” and “Take a look around” are unnecessary. In fact, such over-used phrases waste your visitors’ time, and they may return the favor by hitting the back button.

Clichés – Spare your online visitors the cute and the clever. Clichés usually add no value and can create barriers when communicating to global audiences. Webcopyplus has conducted web content conversion tests in which the removal of clichés increased sales. That’s why web content writers need to push their egos aside and write for the target audience.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Don’t forget typos. Spelling on wesites too common. Haven’t web owners heard of spell check!?

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