Is Your Website Cluttered?

Vancouver business coach Mark Wardell features an article titled 10 tips for growing your business on his website. One of the points, keep your business spotless, rings true for websites.

He sates: “Unless you own a farm, dirt and clutter give an unprofessional impression whereas a clean business sends a message of professionalism to everyone, including your staff.”

The same goes for websites. Is yours cluttered? Here’s a checklist.

2 responses to “Is Your Website Cluttered?”

  1. While looking at the Wardell site, it has serious CSS flaws. When you reduce the size of the web browser window, parts of the header begin to overlap the text making it unreadable.

    This isn’t the worst problem. The site doesn’t use URL rewriting which negatively impacts SEO.

    These things are not that difficult to fix.

  2. C James says:

    Even if you own a farm and are showing it to outsiders, cleanliness reveals pride, which is always good for business.

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