TV Quickly Losing ‘Cred’ to the Web

Just one comment captures just how fast the Web’s killing TV.

A friend and his crew taping a 2010 Olympics-related event in Vancouver were approached by a group of kids, ages six to 10 years old, who asked excitedly: “Cool, are we going to be on YouTube?”

YouTube. Forget about TV from the decades past. And when the group was told no, but that they’d be featured on TV, that news was met with a big, disappointing “Awwww.”

The new generation is onto something.

Sooner than later, those TVs in the family rooms will be giant screen monitors powered by the Web. The tipping point is here.

3 responses to “TV Quickly Losing ‘Cred’ to the Web”

  1. GH says:

    While there’s a lot more to the web than YouTube, I agree. TV is on its way out. Googbye boob tube!

  2. Twigs says:

    Boob tube is right! Who has time for that canned crap anyway? I like to pick the clips I want when I want :).

  3. DHay says:

    You’re dreaming! Americans love to sit in a trance and be entertained.

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