The Power of the Web

The power of the Web

Consumers rule the Web. Consider bloggers; they freely praise or pan products and services, and companies can’t stop it.

While errors and incidents were easily swept under the rug during past decades, the Internet has made it easy for consumers to share horror stories with the masses.

When complaints about ongoing no-shows and screw ups fell upon deaf ears, I felt compelled to share my story about Rogers Customer Service. Now, when someone types Rogers customer service into Google and friends, there’s a good chance they’ll read about the poor service.

Meanwhile, when I was looking for Kauai vacation rentals, I read some shining reviews. Objective feedback – good or bad – has vast influence. And it’s there for everyone to see, whether consumers are looking for custom cabinet doors or a Canadian tour operator.

These valuable bits of information shared by consumers around the world often tell the real stories as companies can’t embed their spin. But they can respond.

And if they don’t, it’s bad for the both the brand and the bottom line.

4 responses to “The Power of the Web”

  1. Hayes says:

    In other words, the big guys can’t hide their dirty laundry – or at least not as easily anymore. And it applies to everyone as you noted, from tropical vacation rental companies to big phone companies. Bloggers have an important job, to keep businesses on their toes :).

  2. Sarah says:

    The web is a fantastic place to find reviews on vacation rentals and condos! If people provide value, everyone knows about it, and if people don’t that gets told too. Thanks god for the web!

  3. GK says:

    Checked out the Kauai vacation rental website – nice vacation properties!

  4. Raymond says:

    The Kauai vacation rentals look good, too! :0

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