LA Times, Welcome to Web 2.0

LA Times

The LA Times recently published an article, in which it compares Google to Osama bin Laden. It seems Google’s plans to let users comment on aggregated news has some editors and journalists edgy. But as long as they do their jobs and publish objective and complete articles, they have nothing to fear.

I wrote the following letter to the LA Times editor in response to the article:

Welcome to Web 2.0, LA Times, where consumers and the public at large get a say.

Surely, providing Google users forums to comment on news stories will result in some biased and uninformed viewpoints, but it’ll also keep editors and journalists on their toes.

For if you don’t do your job, and produce biased or incomplete articles, there will be a newly empowered body ready to call you on it.

3 responses to “LA Times, Welcome to Web 2.0”

  1. Darren Pace says:

    True, it’s powerful, but I worry about all the extra garabage that will be floating around. We’re going to see a lot more ranting from the uninformed.

  2. Samson G. says:

    Are you planning to blog more on this topic. I would like to learn more.

  3. Jack Robert says:

    That was a great blog. Most blogs are not even worth reading.

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