14 Creative Minds to Stalk on Twitter

Creative minds on Twitter - via Webcopyplus web writing services

Regardless what business you’re in, chances are you crave “creative solutions.” Creativity, when it produces something both novel and useful, is a vital element in giving a company or brand a competitive advantage. Here are 14 gifted individuals you might not know — but definitely should — to spark your creative juices.

Ariel Garten

Maria Popova

Geoff Talbot

Jon Hicks

Nick Routley

Chad Engle

David Sleight

Mark Busse

Michelle James

Liam McCabe

Patrick Caddick

Terry Mosher

Theo Rosendorf

Will Luton

Obviously, there are many other inventive brains improving the world one creation at a time. If you’re happy to follow someone less than borderline brilliant, why not connect with @Webcopyplus.



3 responses to “14 Creative Minds to Stalk on Twitter”

  1. Geoff Fox says:

    If you’re covering creativity and design, what about Twitter accounts like @DesignerDepot and @smashingmag?

  2. Karen says:

    While they might be creative, some of the Twitter profile images totally lack creativity. #Ironic

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