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While Webcopyplus made a holiday donation to Kiva last Christmas, I opted to make a personal donation to the World’s Worst Website Foundation (a subsidiary of the Human Fund). With help from passionate supporters like you, we can raise awareness about common website wreckers and how best to avoid them.

Considering the awesome design options out there today, it’s alarming to know that people still make these mistakes.  Maybe they’re just too caught up in running their businesses to recognize their websites are in dire need of resuscitation, which is understandable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help them!

I’ve decided to compile a list of bad web design victims I’ve encountered over the years, in hopes some of you design professionals out there will lend them a helping hand, and also to educate business owners on the benefits of consulting a professional.

1.) Ling’s Cars

In an effort to express her enthusiasm for selling luxury cars, Ling has gone a little too far with the flashing icons, talking heads, Nerf guns and Google spider food, resulting in a disconnect between her business and her clients, who probably enjoy the finer things more than neon paint splatters on their BMWs.

2.) Benson Packaging

While the intro to this packaging company’s website is entertaining in the way an epic war scene is entertaining, it’s unnecessary and does nothing to highlight why I should go to Benson for all my packaging needs. If I wanted to waste time, I’d rather watch the most boring cat video ever.

3.) Rent is Too Damn High

I’ll give Jimmy McMillan one thing – his viral videos are awesome, but unfortunately their genius is masked by a neon array of comedic fonts. Maybe you could help the guy out? He might even give you one of his awesome action figures!

80s hair band

4.) Breath Taker

This website presents a unique challenge: how do you improve the website of a web design company whose skills are in dire need of an update? Maybe what these guys need is a mentor to tell them that websites reminiscent of 80s hair band t-shirts will only appeal to a very small niche market.

5.) Cambie Plumbing and Heating

My heart truly goes out to this family business that’s been providing quality plumbing and heating services for Vancouver residents for a long damn time. Something tells me their expertise lies more in sump pumps and drain clogs than effective web marketing. Their site happens to be the work of the breathtaking web designers mentioned above, so if you’re feeling particularly generous, perhaps you could help two victims in need.

6.) Arctica Web

Here’s yet another example of the work of time traveling web designers. Is this merely an artifact of web designs of the past? Or are they still holding on for dear life in the fast-paced world of evolving design principles? One thing’s for sure – they need help.

7.) The World’s Worst Website

While on my quest to rescue hapless victims of bad design and content across the Web, I came across the bad website of all bad websites. This one acts as a lesson, however, illustrating a wide range of commonly made design mistakes, which would seem obvious to most, but apparently some people need to be reminded.

Making the Web a Better Place

If the above examples of web design tragedies have inspired you to fight the good fight — have a click and contact them. You’ll feel good about doing your part to make the Web a better place.

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