Best Buy Facebook Fans Tell Justin Bieber to Buzz Off

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Best Buy will run its first Super Bowl game ad this Sunday. The spot will feature the odd pairing of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne with Justin Bieber.

Given the large investment to develop and run such an ad, Best Buy has been going full bore to create advanced buzz. The electronics retailer has tweeted about the ad, including CMO Barry Judge (@BestBuyCMO), and Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) has jumped in as well. Good Morning America and USA Today have both given it a nod.

Best Buy has plugged the ad on Facebook, where the ground has been rockier. The company’s Facebook page seems to be a gathering place for disgruntled customers and responses have been overwhelmingly negative, to say the least.

Comments include:

  • “Only one music icon is gonna be on that commercial. There’s a reason we have OZZFEST, not BEIBERFEST.”
  • “Best Buy really screwed up on this one! Any self-respecting fan of Ozzy just threw up a little bit…Justin Beiber needs to find the hole he crawled out of, get back in, and stay there.”
  • “This must be a mistake. Makes me not want to watch the Super Bowl or the ads.”
  • “Best Buy is going in the trash.”
  • “F*** little Justin [Bieber].”

Meanwhile, Best Buy has done little to defend itself from the advance criticism, perhaps waiting for the ad to air.

Will Sunday’s high-stakes game be football or ads? Let’s just hope that no one gets his head bitten off.

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