Opticon Sells Himself Online

Opticon Sells Himself Online

Between scouring the Internet for bad content and stunt doubling for Optimus Prime, I don’t get much time to chat with the ladies in real time, so what’s a web marketing superhero to do?  Megan Fox isn’t taking my calls, so it’s time to try online dating.  What can I write in my dating profile so I can be sure to maximize my ROI?

Copywriting to Sell Yourself

If you really think about it, writing the content of your dating profile to sell your best qualities and attract an ideal mate is a lot like writing copy that sells a product or service.   My buddy JW Tatum, founder of dating site www.yourdateability.com, agrees.

“Your online dating profile is comparable to promoting or advertising a product and that product is you,” he says. “To create a successful advertising campaign you must research, test, analyze, and make corrections.”   In other words, I have to get to know my ideal customer (no, I’m not a gigolo).

So I should understand what my ideal mate is looking for and refine my profile content according to what ladies like her are responding to, which leads to the next similarity between selling myself online (again, I will not accept money for services – I swear!) and selling a product or service online.

Dating Search Engine Optimization

Most online dating sites allow you to search common interests. What keywords will the woman of my dreams be searching for?  My ideal fembot would probably search for a guy who’s into fitness, design, writing, and sarcasm.  But, before I get carried away talking about my interests and going on and on in a self-absorbed fashion, I must remember another important copywriting tip.

Keep it Concise

Attraction coach Ronald Lee of www.artofattraction.ca says a good way to start writing your dating profile is to write everything you want your ideal mate to know about you, then start editing.

“Write enough to intrigue your audience and make them imagine what it would be like to be with you, but no more.  You want them to be curious or attracted enough to allow the next step,” he says.  This tip reminds me of the old copywriting trick of being specific about the problem, but not about the solution.  In that case I might write something like this:

Haven’t found Mr. Right yet?  Don’t worry, you’ve still got time before your operating system is obsolete.  Why not send me a message?  You might be surprised at how charming an articulate robot can be.

Is that too cheesy? Lee says that cheesy lines like ‘Ever notice how U and I are always next to each other on the keyboard?’ might get a laugh, but a well-written, concise, and charming profile that resonates with someone who shares my interests always wins (combined with a hot photo of course).

Update Your Content

Another similarity between your web copy and your dating profile content, is the consideration of attention spans.

“Competition for attention on most dating sites is quite fierce, so you want to regularly update your profile and create new content to catch people’s attention,” says Tatum.  “The truth is that people’s attention spans are short when browsing online dating sites.”

So, since I’m somewhat of a copywriting expert, I should have no problem creating a killer dating profile.  Now, all I need is a sexy photo shoot and I’m on my way to meeting the girl of my dreams!

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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