Copywriters Need to Know the Customer

Copywriters Need to Know the Customer

To write persuasive web copy, copywriters need to think like customers. It makes it easier to figure out what benefits and features the targeted audience cares about, and build key messages to motivate them to take desired actions.

Asking the right questions allows a copywriter to understand the customers’ needs and desires, and form a connection. The best sales people make an effort to understand their customers. Only then can they break down concerns and barriers, foster credibility and trust, say the right words, and ultimately make the sale.

Even if you don’t have resources for market research, you can still get to know your customer by:

Asking the right questions – For instance, it’s helpful to ask: What features and benefits are important to you? A copywriter should also be able to list the items according to priority to help plan the right messaging. Warranty might be more important than price, durability valued more than selection, and so on.

Putting yourself in customers’ shoes – How do you behave as a consumer? If you were considering the product or service, what would you look for, and how would you like to be communicated to? In fact, if a copywriter thinks like a consumer instead of a writer, there’s a tendency to have more respect for website visitors.

Tapping into social media – Consumers leave trails of details all over the Internet on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter,, and Digg.  They are also commenting on articles featured in industry blogs and participating in niche market discussion forums. Make the most of social media.

By thinking like and getting to know the customer, copywriters increase the chances of engaging website visitors, and generating leads and sales.

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  1. Dwayne says:

    Think like a customer – such an obvious but rarely implemented strategy!

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