Links: a Key Ingredient to Good Web Copy

Good web copy layers details via links to help visitors easily access information relevant to their needs.

Links help visitors scan pages. Properly developed links stand out from normal text, and provide strong cues as to what the page is about.

When naming links, the more specific, the more useful. Don’t just give visitors a hint — give them the necessary information they require to act, right then and there.

A key is to use descriptive keywords. For instance, a link like web copy provides little explanation on what the visitor can expect to find — information about writing web copy, before and after samples, or hiring a web copywriter?

An explanatory link like 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Web Copy provides clarity and insight, and promotes positive online experiences. A link makes a promise, and needs to deliver.

One response to “Links: a Key Ingredient to Good Web Copy”

  1. Laura says:

    Good point about descriptive links in web copy…makes me realize all my click here links are useless.

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