What is an SEO Writer?

What is an SEO Writer

What is an SEO writer? That was a question at a recent web writing workshop, and one that gets asked frequently by business owners learning about the Web.

An SEO writer, or SEO copywriter, is basically a writer who develops keyword-rich website content.

Well-researched, keyword-rich content is a highly effective online marketing tool savvy businesses use to gain high search engine rankings, and generate leads and sales.

Accordingly, it’s the job of the SEO writer to effectively optimize website content with keywords that align with popular search terms.

Catering to two masters

The term SEO writer is also interchangeable with web content writer, web copywriter, website writer — the list goes on. Call them what you will, a web writer’s effectiveness should be gauged on to two main factors:

Traffic: A good SEO writer tactfully integrates keywords into website content so it ranks optimally on search engines. Weak SEO writers merely “keyword stuff,” meaning they randomly squeeze keywords into content wherever they can fit them. Lack of an effective keyword strategy results in missed opportunities.

Conversions: The experienced SEO writer also writes effective website content to engage visitors and promote conversions. That’s critical; you can have thousands of visitors monthly, but if no one is willing to invest in your offerings, it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Such was the case for UBC, a globally known university in Canada that hired an SEO firm to improve their website’s search engine rankings. The SEO company did, but neglected the visitor. The content read so poorly that their bounce rates were dreadfully high.

Our SEO writers further optimized the client’s content, but also minded their visitors. Descriptive, useful information is now featured. As a result, the conference and accommodation website now generates both traffics and bookings.

At the end of the day, that’s what makes an effective SEO writer; one who writes for search engines and visitors.

3 responses to “What is an SEO Writer?”

  1. Davis G says:

    I think of a website writer that writes for search engines AND people, and an SEO writer writes mainly for SEO. I actually know a programmer who calls himself an SEO writer…maybe that’s why. But it doesn’t make sense (and is misleading) for a developer to give himself a title as a writer. Writers are writers, and others should refer to themselves as SEO specialists or something of that nature.

  2. Cory says:

    I don’t agree that SEO copywriter and website copywriter are interchangeable. A website copy writer would generally be a writer, but an SEO writer could be a writer or just as possibly a developer or anyone in the SEO industry.

  3. Jamie Hill says:

    Copywriters are copywriters. They might have specialties, but their core is the same: writing.

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