10 Tips to Increase Your Sales

Here are some valuable tips to help increase your sales, compliments of business consultant Mark Wardell.

1. Up-sell to your customers
For starters, they already know and trust you, plus they have demonstrated a willingness to buy.  So if they are given the option of a volume discount, for example, they just might jump at the opportunity to buy more.

2. Cross-sell to your customers
People appreciate convenience and choice.  Be sure to provide both by making additional products or services available that complement and enhance your customers’ buying experience.  For example, if a customer buys a product from you that requires batteries, be sure to offer him batteries at the time of purchase.  Otherwise he’s likely to be frustrated when he gets home and discovers that he needs to head back out to get some batteries… possibly from someone else’s business.

3. Ask your customers for referrals
The best place to find new customers is through your existing customers, assuming they are happy of course. So ask them. Believe it or not, they’ll be glad to help. One way to do this is to generate a list of prospects you think one of your customers may know. Show her this list and ask if she knows anyone on it. If she does, ask if you might use her name as a reference, or better yet, if she might make an introduction for you. If she doesn’t know anyone on the list, ask if she knows of someone whose name should be on the list. It’s a simple approach, but more times than not, it will get you in front of a warm lead.

To see the remaining seven tips, check out Wardell’s business coaching wesbite.

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