Marketing Angle: You’ve Got a Lot to Lose

When developing web content, the web writers at Webcopyplus often draw attention to the benefits of our clients’ products and services. It’s upbeat, and it’s effective.

But there is another avenue. Web content can also convey what the perspective customer stands to lose in a situation. It plays on, and builds, fear.

“Don’t miss the chance to get the Website Optimization Package for half the retail price.”

You’re applying pressure. It works. But it can also hinder trust and strain loyalty.

A time element can increase the pressure, and conversions. For instance, you could add: “This deal in only available until midnight tonight.”

It’s persuasive because people are afraid to miss opportunities.

One response to “Marketing Angle: You’ve Got a Lot to Lose”

  1. June says:

    Dark, but true! Marketers might exploit this more often with the lousy economy.

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