Google CEO Eric Schmidt Slams Bing

Google CEO Eric Schmidt slammed Microsoft’s new search engine Bing on Fox Business Network this week.

Here are some highlights from Schmidt:

“It’s not the first (search-engine market) entry for Microsoft. They do this about once a year. From Bing’s perspective, they have a bunch of new ideas and there are some things that are missing. We think search is about comprehensiveness, freshness, the scale and size of what we do. And it’s difficult for them to copy that…”

“(We’re) actually not (spending more money in response to Microsoft’s advertising blitz), given the name. But the fact of the matter is that we are spending all of our time on exactly what we’ve always done, which is innovation. I don’t think Bing’s arrival has changed what we’re doing. We are about search, we’re about making things enormously successful, by virtue of innovation…”

“You earn (the No. 1 spot). You don’t buy it with ads. You earn it, and you earn it customer by customer, search by search, answer by answer. And we believe that today we beat our competitors because we’re so focuses on comprehensiveness, speed, freshness and having the depth that people really care about.”

Schmidt is free to share his views, but ultimately it’s the market’s opinion that counts. So far, Google seems safe, but Yahoo might start losing sleep soon.

Read more at Seattle P-I.

5 responses to “Google CEO Eric Schmidt Slams Bing”

  1. Carl says:

    Bing’s not bad…I figured Google had nothing to worry about. But hopefully Bing will keep Google honest. Having some competition is a good thing, otherwise Google would start abusing its power. Some say Google already is.

  2. Robert star says:

    Google is the choice of every second person in this world…no other search engine can match its quality easily..if Microsoft wants to beat Google it has got to be super innovative..i too use Google.its the best!:-)

  3. detoxdiet says:

    my initial test result shows that Bing is as good as Google when displaying relevant search results. Google might be having a tough competitor with Microsofts own search engine.

  4. Acneboy says:

    Bing search engine gives almost the same search results as Google. Looks like Google will now have a tough competition when it comes to search engine technology.

  5. Jimmy Sy says:

    i have been using the BING search engine for a couple of weeks. it seems to be as good as Google but for some reason i would still want to stick with Google search engine —

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