A Consistent Title Helps

The Globe and Mail once again noted Webcopyplus in its Report on Business section. While we’re definitely grateful for the coverage, the recent write-up demonstrates the importance of getting the right title beside your name.

Almost always, I use the title Senior Web Copywriter. However, the Globe and Mail referred to me as a communications consultant. While this is accurate in a general sense, it lead to a couple of enquiries surrounding media relations and PR consulting, which are not a part of our core service offerings.

Had my official web copywriter title been used, perhaps others would have reached out for web writing-related projects.

I’ve noticed several top consultants are incredibly consistent when referring to themselves. Take Rob Frankel; he religiously brands himself as a branding expert. And it pays off! When people need a branding expert – whether they’re CEOs or reporters – Frankel is often top of mind, or at least at the top of Google.

One response to “A Consistent Title Helps”

  1. Jack says:

    I actually saw you in the Globe and Mail article – congrats.

    But I have to say, for a branding “expert” Mr. Frankel sure does have one hell of an ugly site!

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