Google Launches One-Line Sitelinks

You wanted Google’s sitelinks? You got ‘em!

When businesses get serious about online presence, many ask about Google’s sitelinks – the set of links that show up underneath the first search result on the page. These links are great because they provide significant exposure, and allow Internet users to instantly access deeper pages.

Now Google is launching an expansion of sitelinks. Indeed, a single row of links can now appear for results beyond the first position. This means multiple results on one query can now have sitelinks. Up to four sitelinks can show up right above the page URL, instead of the usual two columns below the URL of the first result.

It’s a clever move by Google as businesses may be able to draw more visitors to valuable, but previously overlooked pages. And online visitors (or guests) will be able to scan additional headings and get to relevant information with less time and fewer clicks.

Read: One-line sitelinks on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.

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