What’s Your Brand on the Web?

Your brand on the Web goes far beyond logos and colours. The digital experience your website provides visitors heavily shapes perception.

In fact, your brand is what your visitors talk about to friends, family and peers after they use your website, products or services. And it can be negative or positive.

The scary thing for businesses on and off the Web is that people tend to talk a lot more about negative experiences than the positive.

Consider all the times you’ve dined at restaurants. How many times have you or others around you complained to a manager? And now think about how many times you or the people at your table asked to speak to the manager to give praise?

Your online brand is created with every single click, image and word. So be sure to treat your visitors with respect.

At the end of the day, their perception is reality.

One response to “What’s Your Brand on the Web?”

  1. Nancy Beck says:

    Thank you! So many business types think brand is a logo. It’s so much more. It’s like you said, the experience your customers receive. I also enjoyed the RESPECT article.

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