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Web copywriters and designers

When it comes to web content, many business owners believe they can accomplish everything a professional web copywriter can — and more. However, when business owners attempt to write their own web copy, it often leads to frustration, lost time and missed opportunities.

In fact, many businesses come to Webcopyplus looking for a web copywriter after struggling to complete their web content for weeks, sometimes months. In the interim, they get their web designers to upload their old web content, or just put the project on hold. Regardless, the final outcome is usually substandard.

Since web copy development often causes designers major hassles and delays, it’s baffling to find web designers who simply don’t grasp and appreciate the value a well-versed web copywriter can bring to a project.

An article written by a Maine web designer was recently brought to my attention, in which she stated (verbatim):

“Only you — the small business owner — can develop the content of your website. Because only you know exactly what your business does, what its goals are, and what you want to say about your small business. A copywriter may be able to assist you by putting this into words, but you are really the person who needs writes the content.”

This web designer is wide of the mark. It’s like a web copywriter stating, “Only you know your business. That’s why you should design your website.”

A professional web designer learns about the client’s business, its goals and objectives, as well as its audience and dozens of other factors. And then she embarks on the planning and development stages. A business owner might know his business inside out, but chances are he isn’t aware of all the intricacies of design and the Web. A web designer must discuss options and guide the business in the right direction.

Similarly, a professional web copywriter helps a business build its brand with words. There’s the ingredient of well-written copy, but there’s a lot more to it. A good web copywriter can help the business owner establish a sound market position, and define and convey key selling points.

It’s difficult — if not impossible — for a business owner to see his business from a fresh perspective and approach his marketing messaging objectively. A web copywriter with a strong sales and marketing mind can help him communicate to prospects why his business is their best choice.

Plus, a skilled copywriter that specializes in web content understands how people gather information on the Web, is able to develop intuitive information flow, strategically optimizes web content for search engines, and much more.

The Best Understand the Value Others Bring to the Table

Perhaps some Web types simply don’t understand or accept the value others can deliver. An entry-level web writer might not recognize all the factors a designer must tackle, and the benefits he or she provides. Likewise, a web designer might not comprehend what a professional web copywriter can do for a business and its website.

Top tier web service providers recognize and value what other web professionals — from web designers to web copywriters to programmers and SEO experts — bring to the table.

This collective wealth of information, knowledge and experience all contribute to a winning website that ultimately helps a business thrive.

5 responses to “Web Designer + Web Copywriter = Results”

  1. Penny says:

    I think the moral to the story is amateurs stick with amateurs, and professionals stick with professionals — it doesn’t matter if you’re a web designer, web copywriter, programmer, usability guru or anything else.

    • Wasiu says:

      Hi There, I applaud your interest in copywriting. In fact that was my first job in the advertising industry. However I got the job after being noticed as a freelance copywriter. I did not get to become a copywriter immediately, nor did i have a degree at that time. I was an associate to do the first cut in my native language and i was sort of like the intern.All advertising must consist of 3 major items, copy, art and marketing concept. Usually the copy or art takes the lead after digesting the clients brief.It is fun but hard work and you need a great partners to produce fantastic advertising. It is really a satisfying job if everything fall in place, however tensions can ride high most times. The pay will be good in due time and only if you are good. It is such in the ad industry, all stating pay suck until you gain more experience and move up. Time however is never fixed for progress. It is how you handle it and how it is perceived.A note for you, when you write a copy, it is not for you, it is always or the target market, so what can sound witty and interesting may be deemed as boring by the target audience. Get some copywriting job freelance first, perhaps registering on guru.com and doing some freelance job there will help you gain some experience and build your portfolio. Do not charge too high for the job until you have some quality work under your belt. With that you can probably apply or even get noticed by the agencies.Some writers are better at certain product categories then others. While some generalist are better at doing quick passable copies. All of these types are needed in an agency. What agencies don’t need is the slow ones that takes ages to write a copy. So try and practice writing faster.Good luck mate and i hope you can realise your dreams.

  2. Stephen L says:

    Yuppers…I used to work with lower end programmers and web writers from Craig’s List. They were cheap, but I spent a lot of time managing them and pushing them to bring their services to where they needed to be. After spending too many hours farting around and getting nowhere, I decided it was better to do it myself or pay more and get true professionals. Now things get done in less than half the time, and I don’t have to waste any of mine.

  3. Radford says:

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  4. Hellen King says:

    I agree with penny. Bad designers will undervalue what writers can do, and vice versa. A good web copywriter – a writer that actually understands the web – is worth his weight in gold. If I’m a small New York business looking to ramp up sales across the US, I’d look for a quality web designer. But I’d also ensure he or she uses professional developers and copywriters. A good looking site doesn’t ensure success. It needs web content that will make the visitors want to do business.

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