Web Content: What Makes You the Best Choice?

Web content best choice

Why should prospects invest in your product or service? If you can make a strong claim and support it on your website, you’ve got a winning brand.

Are you the biggest? Provide the widest selection? Offer patented technology? Feature convenient locations? Or are you young and small, allowing you to churn out customized solutions swiftly, unlike your much larger and slower competitors?

Define your strengths and leverage them. And be sure you get them right because they are key to your short- and long-term success.

Paint a picture that clearly demonstrates how your prospect’s world will be easier, more lucrative, healthier, happier, etc. with you in the picture. The overall messaging can then be continually reinforced not just in your web content, but also your print materials, advertising, tradeshow presentations, press releases and so on.

Remember, web designers aren’t the only ones with the ability to shape your brand. Well-versed web copywriters can also build your brand with words.

One response to “Web Content: What Makes You the Best Choice?”

  1. Markus H says:

    Yeah, as a designer, I know businesses don’t hold my services or copywriters services in a high regard. They think it’s just making things pretty, and when it comes to writing for their websites, they seem to think they’re suddenly professional writers. And after struggling with the web content for weeks, they cheap out and settle for mediocre, which makes my design look amateurish.

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