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Motivational Tools

While discussing Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs at a web writing workshop, a student asked what the most powerful consumer appeals are. Great question.

I suggested sex, greed and fear top the list.

Sex Sells

First of all, does sex sell? Just ask Calvin Klien. The concept has been around as long as advertising.

However, during the past decade, it seems consumers are more sophisticated and have greater expectations of companies and their marketing ploys. Hence, to achieve the fully desired effect, flesh-induced images and suggestive word plays might require increasingly developed strategies.

Greed and Fear

As for greed and fear, they are timeless motivators.  That’s because humans naturally: (a) have a desire to improve the status quo; (b) or fear losing the status quo.

Mix a person’s wallet into the equation, and you have a powerful formula to get people to act.

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